Thursday, December 18, 2014

a new series!!!

And only because I feel like I have so many "That Awkward Moment" experiences that it warrants a series.

Like the Awkward Moment just now...

A meeting at work with a possible new insurance broker.

He's cute (in an Ivy league, summers on the Cape, wholesome kinda way) and taaaaalllll (a huge perk for a 5'10" gal! and we're talking SIX FOOT FOUR tall (he told us during the first meeting a few weeks ago, when he was still inches taller than me in my stiletto booties!))

Anyways - so we're settling into a casual meeting when I realized I hadn't shaved my legs...


Hola1 Hola2 Hola2

Blond leg hair, glistening in the afternoon sun... WITH NO TABLE TO HIDE BEHIND!

Thank god I just had hot yoga last night and was able to basically do THIS \/ with my legs, while trying to tuck them as far under the chair as possible...

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