Friday, December 12, 2014

MenVsWomen Musings

Another difference between Mamas & Papas (men vs women.  VENUS against MARS!)

I'm able to occupy (no valuables near the toilet!) and watch Button (through the vanity mirror, with one eye pinched shut putting on eyeshadow) while getting ready in the morning.

E stands there with him (basically tapping his foot) and says, "If you're done, can you take him so I can get dressed?"

Also - I am so able to get out of the house with Button (and Zoey - a therapy dog who comes to work with me once a week! seriously!) and (after balancing a tray of cut grapes, arranged TurkeyTail style - thank you P!nterest) can drop Button off at daycare (all the while traipsing in my new Guess loafer platforms!)
P.S. thrifed : $17
apparently MSRP is $115!!!

Dads? Like the one I noticed this morning akwardly hefting around the bucket infant seat in which sat an adorable baby girl (must have been dressed by mom - those leggings!) who was watching me watch them (I'm pretty sure she and I shared the look, "is this guy for real?")
That dad - he had on a parka, jeans, Tshirt (pretty good so far, right?) and.... 


And in case you forgot, this is us right now
(with snow two days ago!)

And in keeping with Foodie Friday, some Food I've made lately (possibly on Fridays...)
One night I thought - homemade pizza! The best way to get rid of leftover sausage! and deli meats! and spinach!  Awesome-sauce.

Also - amazing lemon (I think) mushroom chicken tomato (stuff) pasta! 
I'm like, all domesticated and cooking shit lately - just think, a few short years ago (ok more like 6-7) I was catching taco shells on FIRE in the oven! (true story - thank god I'm married to a firefighter)

And just because G00gle does awesome stuff like this:
That's the hotair vent that both doggies fight for the prime real estate in front of, and that Button likes to strum like a guitar =)

Friday Funnies
(MUST have volume for this video!)

Hope your weekend is full of giggles!


  1. That video is too adorable! What were you guys doing to make him laugh like that?

  2. LOVE the gif!!!! Too cute. My dog lays over the air vents in the summer to cool off after she has been outside. And that video - funny! Have a great weekend!