Thursday, December 11, 2014



I've got wine to drink (hence thirsty).

I've got laundry to do (again.)

((that shit builds up, even though I'm doing it once a week... I tried to stretch it the past few weeks to once every 1.5 weeks - instead of every weekend, it got stretched to a Wednesday night last week.
But now Button is sleeping on an adult-sized flat-sheet, wrapped 'round and round his whole mattress so it doesn't unbunch during the night... sounds ghetto, it's safe - I promise.
But all that, because all of his sheets (6 sets!! Ok, one stays at daycare - and one just came off his bed, dirty - so 4 extra sets!!) are ALL DIRTY.))

So, wine tonight.

and maybe a fun wheel pose:

because supposedly those "create energy" according to my Wednesday night HotYoga instructor...
(which, I have to admit - as a GrouponWhore, I paid full price for my 10 classes, I like the Wednesday night class THAT MUCH!)

and I've even accomplished THIS BITCH (firstly at home, goofing off - but last night I got it in class!!!!!)

so tonight - starting laundry load #1 followed by drunk yoga.

Happy Thirsty Thursday!


  1. Drunk yoga!!!! That sounds like a hell of a good time. Maybe someday I'll start doing that too!

  2. One might think that I'm doing drunk yoga even if I hadn't had a drop... haha! Don't hurt yourself, cuz I know I would :)