Monday, December 15, 2014

Shakin' and Makin'

it's Monday.

I'll probably make stuff tonight:

and by "probably" I mean I may end up cleaning the kitchen, organize the chaos that is in the guest bedroom (gifts, wrapping- and tissue-paper, tape, scissors.  ALL OVER) sit for a minute to breathe, and find myself in bed with my latest NookNook... but we'll see.

But here's some stuff I've recently Made.  
maybe even on Mondays:
I'm the worst.  THE.  WORST.  at remembering birthdays (I mean, really - aside from those easy to remember - obviously MY family, and for some reason my MIL (Dec 1st).)

It was awful - we went to visit my sister and her family this past spring.  About a month or so after Niece #1's birthday.  Other mutual family were also with us - and had brought small gifts for Niece #1 and Niece #2 (7yo and 6yo respectively).  And Niece #2 turns to E and I and says, "Hey - did YOUUUU get [Niece#1] anything for her birfday?!"

OMG what a call-out...

And then as Niece #2's birthday passed on Oct 29th (and on Halloween I realized I'd forgotten to send EVEN A CARD) I said ENOUGH.

And took to p!nterest.... =)
 Got my E's power drills out (let me hear you, women who can wield a drill!!!)

I made a list (ahead of time and with E's help) of aaalll the birthdays I wanted to remember...
listed per month...

I have to say, I think it came out pretty cute! (pardon the yellow lighting...) 

Here's to never forgetting another birthday!
(and avoiding future embarrassing call-outs by 6-year-olds!!)


  1. That is the cutest way to remember birthdays! You are so creative. I just waste money and have someone else do it because I am way too impatient and lazy, lol.