Friday, December 5, 2014

Nothing like a Little Halloween...

How about a little Halloween in December?!

Cuz that's how we roll...

It was during E's weekend in Canada with his BIL that we kicked off our fall festivities with a little Mom&Me breakfast at Dunkin (he was so well behaved!)

After that, we headed out to the local pumpkin patch with The Girls (The Girls being MIL, SILs, and E's aunt and cousin) (and by "local" I mean that SIL navigated us to the wrong town, so we went 30 minutes out of the way... lol)

We (The Girls) went to this pumpkin patch because of it's Haunted Hayride, which - let's be honest - I was glad to have Button as the excuse to not attend because I'm the biggest wuss when it comes to All Things Scary!
(And while we're being honest - Button was TOTALLY unimpressed with the "kiddie" hayride,  I'm sure he would have totally rocked on the Scary one!)

They had a cute petting zoo with goats that Button tried to make-out with... (after of course, he tried to pick their nose...)

We tried to get him to sit cute in front of The Perfect Picture backdrop, and it lasted for a bit - he just never would look straight at the camera(s! Grandma, one great aunt and 3 aunts all had their phones out!)

 We spent the next day scaling a tree-top fort (ssh don't tell Button it was really his 2ft plastic TreeTopTreeHouse) and conquering the forest (really, just the one ginormous tree in our backyard) while waiting for Daddy to return from Canada:

The next weekend was actual  Halloween (and forgive me if this is duplicitous, I'm too lazy to go look and see if I've already posted these... because if I have, they're cute enough to get a double post!)
(speaking of duplicitous - I'm getting hardcore DejaVue when thinking of typing up his Halloween Parade story - so I have a strong feeling I already told you about how I cried when I thought I was going to miss him, yada yada yada)

Let's not forget FoodieFriday:
The coolest Cookie-cutter ever...
Found, Bought, Baked!


  1. Dude, Ben is adorable in that scooby outfit! So stinkin' cute!!! Never too late for a halloween post BTW, especially with the pictures of you guys outside NOT looking like you're freezing :)

  2. I needed these pictures today - it is freezing here around Chicago. We had such a short autumn and these pictures made me smile! Also, your cooking skills never cease to impress me!