Thursday, January 22, 2015

another Capitalized Appointment...

But first, another "men vs women" ...

Men have to be the biggest babies when it comes to being sick.  SERIOUSLY.

My husband when he's sick:
uttering a feeble, "honneeeeeee - can you get me some juuuuuuuuuice pleeeeeeease? *hack cough*"
And I don't DARE expect any help with Button - baths, meals, entertaining, etc - Daddy's too sick to move!

Monday night (the start of this miserable 4-day head-turned-chest cold) I did 2 loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen table, cut Button's nails, and I still get a Stink Eye from E when he comes back from tending to a baby (WHO WASN'T EVEN FUSSING, was just FALLING ASLEEP!) because I hadn't also cut the dog's toenails...

And even though I was sick enough to call out of work, guess who still had to drop off and pick-up Button from daycare... (I'll give my husband this much, he offered to drop him off in the morning.  In the whole, "If you really need me to take him I will, but *LARGE SIGH* I'll be late to work..." way of offering...)

(BTDubs - the commercial so appropriately came on yesterday - TOTALLY LOVE IT!)
 a Sick Mom?!
Tell me that doesn't just DEFINE "oxy moron"
(actual definition:
"A rhetorical figure in which incongruous or contradictory terms are combined, as in a deafening silence and a mournful optimist.")

Oh and also?  On my second sick day (Wednesday) - after attempting to go into work for all of 2 hours, I had got to bring Button to his 18m checkup...

Speaking of Capitalized Appointments...

He's almost 34" (Wiggle worm barely gave the nurse time to get the paper marked correctly!)
which, according to BabyCenter, is 90th percentile for length! (we always knew he was a tall boy, in 2T pants now!)

He's 26lb4(ish)oz (again, wouldn't stand still on the scale to get a steady weight... lol)
which, according to BabyCenter again, is 50-75th percentile (which is a huge range, but we'll take it!)

He got two shots (boy did he LOVE THOSE!) and had his ears checked (even with me at his feet holding his hands down as he laid on the table, another nurse had to come in and hold his head still! and continued to comment, "oh GOOD LORD he is STRONG!")

So, fluid in one ear.  NOT infected.


And the Doc was "disappointed" to hear he was only saying 8-10 words, with 10 REAALLY being the minimum they like to hear at an 18m apppointment...
(hence The Capitalized Appointment...)

I will admit, I did NOT immediately freak (nor did I freak minutes or hours later...)
his "receptive speech" (understanding all we say) is so so so "advanced" - my term - the kid understands EVERYTHING we say or ask of him.
He signs (daycare teaches ASL!) about 10 more words...

so his communication is fabulous.  I guess it's just his vocalization.

And so - the plan going forward is to check his ears again in a few weeks, as fluid - even if uninfected - can affect his hearing (which can in turn affect his speech.)
1 - if he develops an ear infection before the scheduled ear check, we'll be heading over to an ENT.
2 - if he doesn't develop an infection but still has fluid, we'll be referred to an ENT for possible tubes to help prevent fluid build-up.  (After his last ear infection, we had decided with the next one, we would be going to an ENT anyways - as we didn't want ear infections to get in the way of his speech development...)
2 - if he has no fluid, we'll be scheduling a hearing test...

So, no - no freak out (yet?)
The poor kid still only has 8 teeth (as of two days ago! his second molar broke through!) so he was a little slow on the chompers - and a little slow on his growth the first few weeks of life, but here he is in 2T pants!

No freak out (yet) because - last night, I got him to say "tea" when prompted about my cup of tea (and honey, oh loads of honey for my sick, sore throat...) and then got something that resembled "cookie" an hour or so later!

I'm cruising on the "Don't borrow trouble" line, relaxing under the "We will see" umbrellas...


  1. Aw poor kiddo. I hope he doesn't get an ear infection and that his hearing test (if he gets one) turns out just fine. I bet one day, you'll take him to the doctor and he just will not stop talking - and that will make the doctor quiet :) And how great that the daycare teaches ASL! I've never heard of daycares doing that, and I love it!

  2. Muppet is in the same boat, too, speechwise. One of these days, we're going to wish they would just stop talking.

  3. Here's hoping that he doesn't get another ear infection!

    BTW, Nolan only says about 8-10 words and he's only had one ear infection. My pedi said that kids can range from still not speaking to speaking in phrases. She basically talked me off a ledge because my daycare provider's daughter (6 weeks younger than Nolan) speaks well over 50 words. The thing she did tell us to do was get rid of his binky (which was a long time coming) and that would help his speech. I have noticed since then that he's actually exploded with new words. I know what he's saying, but I know that it's difficult for others to understand.

    As if we don't have enough to worry about right? I think you don't really have a problem with "only" 8-10" words but I think you're taking the right steps going to an ENT because poor little Ben has had so many ear infections. At least you can discuss a solution and getting tubes is so common if that's what you have to do. :)