Thursday, February 12, 2015

First official 2ww of TFAS

damn those acronyms

Symptom Spotting 2015 Season has begun...

A constant slight headache that comes and goes randomly
(although that could be - is in fact most likely - from dehydration after hot yoga last night)

Frequent peeing - woke up last night! Haven't woken up to pee since 1st trimester with Button!
(but also could be from drinking water before bed with my prenatals..)

That slightly-nauseous-hunger around 12:30... and 3pm... (and craving cinamon buns two nights ago so much that I made a whole batch...)

but seriously who am I kidding - I'm (pretty sure I'm) only 6DPO. (although at the same time, "already" 6dpo? with a "typical/usual" LP of about 12 days, I'm halfway through The Wait?!)
 Feel free to stalk and analyze with me when the hell I O'd...

But this is just ridonkulous:
ZOMG I feel slightly nauseous - I totally think I'm pregnant!!! 

and then,
wow I was totally bitchy tonight to E - probably because I'm PMS'ing, as always the week before AF shows... *SIGH*

I wanna slap myself in the face...

I forgot how much I disliked this part of TTC...

**Will get a large update to you about the 2015 Reading List later tonight - I've started keeping a book journal by the bed (which is where I usually am when I finish a book!) so I can immediately jot down thoughts and reviews instead of waiting a few days (or *ahem* weeks...) and trying to remember the book and my fresh reactions to it so I can blog...

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  1. I'm absolutely LOVING watching from the sidelines. It's so much easier to not be the person in the 2ww than the one who is. I can't wait to find out in a few days if you're pg and ride the roller coaster that is TFAS!