Monday, February 16, 2015


So yesterday (Sunday) - coffee tasted like utter crap...

the second I took the first sip, what usually is like a little bit of heaven - that first hot sip - was definitely not good.

Did I not put enough sugar? ooooooooor pregnant symptom?!
So then I added more sugar, and then it tasted like utter too-sweet crap...

And that stupid 7dpo BFN.
I tried to dig it out of the bathroom trash Saturday night night... but it had fallen, like those teeny tiny wondfos will do, far past where I was willing to dumpster-dive...
(Note to self : use first morning urine next time, and then destroy the evidence.. HPT bonfire?)

This morning?
I felt so fucking moody at home, pissed at E because I woke up early, jumped in the shower and got myself ready and he slept in (makes no sense right?)
and then I got pissed at him for leaving an entire cup of Button's milk out overnight (are we both at fault and that's why I didn't rub E's nose in it this morning?)
and I thought, Ugh this is fucking PMS
And then I got even more bitchy because I'm pretty sure I'm PMS-ing, which means AF is on her way.
I didn't dare test..

The battles in my brain:

I am able to wake up with ease even at 7am (I usually snooze my alarm for 30-40 minutes, and I had noticed myself waking up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed during 1st Tri with Button...)
I'm PMSing like a pro

I'm not waking up for MOTN pee's
I've had that slight not-painful-but-mostly-annoying headache that I had the last few days before testing with Button...

I get the shaky haven't-eaten-yet feeling when i get to work, even though I had a bowl of cereal at home...

my regular DD coffee: french vanilla, skim milk + 2 sugars - still tastes funny...
it used to taste like heaven (even more than at-home-brewed coffee!) at the first sip...

I had horribly dry eyes all day friday at the computer - like, unprecedented dry eyes... (oh that's a pregnancy symptom! Ignore the website that says it usually starts around the end of the first trimester...)

This morning I got all road-ragey (I honestly don't even remember why, because I was barely off our street when I started cursing)
and then I cursed (silently) again, thinking I'm a horrible mother, because Button is sitting in the backseat listening...

And now - second time needing to pee in an hour. oooo!
Most likely because the coffee I just finished is a diuretic. duh.

**and let's not miss what just happened at lunch: I thought a coworker was setting down a plate of steak being served so I grabbed a piece. 
I accidentally ate off of his personal plate.. 
and my brain has been on-and-off since this morning when I almost got into the wrong black SUV after dropping off Button..

I've already decided - if this cycle is BFN, I'm making two phone calls on CD1:
1. dentist (yes, the root canal I was supposed to begin/continue as soon as Button was born? *hangs head...*
still not done...

2. Tattoo shop.  

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  1. Ugh! I remember this all too well with looking for signs.

  2. Ahhh the hell that is the 2ww. I always like having a plan for CD1 (if that happens) so good on you for having a backup plan.

    You ate off a coworkers plate? I wish I could have been a fly on the wall. Was there an awkward convo to follow or did he/she not even miss it?