Monday, October 20, 2014

Making Things Mondays!

You're gonna laugh, thinking "This girl is going to start a new series when she can't even keep up with the existing ONE?!"  (ok ok, like, 4 series I've "started" and failed to either keep up with or continue... I still have every intention of finishing continuing the Tour Tuesdays!)

But I've recently done a few crafty things I wanted to share!

We finally got the quarter of the basement completely finished - carpeted, walled, lights and sockets installed - and so were able to work more on Button's playroom!  We get his "artwork" sent home from daycare monthly or so (and by "artwork" - I know that it's stuff the assistants and teachers mostly do and slap the child's name on it - but they've been creative with hand- and foot-prints at this daycare!)

The walls in the playroom were really bare and empty, and so I got this great idea to frame his stuff!

There's a bunch more artwork that I have to frame (A Foot Minion!) and will probably rotate pieces out of a few other frame-collages (so I don't fill the walls, corner to corner!)

More Updates on the Missing Month (lol!)
A late Friday in September we stopped for pizza  after work (instead of hot yoga... bad Kate!)
Ben loved the rice balls and pepperoni!

The next day he got some more goat-action! Our town holds an annual [Town] Day, complete with jump houses, petting zoos - and the local girl scout troop selling cookies! (ahem... only two boxes of Samoas purchased!)

And Button did not lick the green cow fence.

He did not lick it three times.

Ew ew ew ew ew

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  1. He looks like he did better than G at the petting zoo, though in G's defense, they had a rooster in there that crowed a lot. Roosters are mean little bastards, so I'm not sure whose bright idea it was to have one in a petting zoo.

    And ewwwwwwwwwwww!