Tuesday, October 14, 2014

**Waves Hands** - I'm still here!

First and foremost, the reason why I've been so crazed and too busy to blog - the assistant (not sure if I ever mentioned her, she sucked, was a little crazy, etc) "resigned" last Wednesday... so I've been in charge of the whole office.  (Hence, the music.)

I refuse to work late and miss time with Ben so I've brought work home a few times (and only once or twice neglected to do the work once I finally put my feet up! Tell me why it seems like I'm constantly doing housework while E sits and gets to play with Button!!)

Anyways - so catch up: I made some food.  On Fridays.    hashtag FoodieFriday!
and clothes - I Wore.  On Wednesdays.    hashtag WardrobeWednesday!


No, really.  I think the last I really posted was early September, so we've done a lot! There'll be some regularly scheduled series (back on track with ) interspersed with some updating, and first up:

Back in mid-September, Ben's kick-ass daycare had a birthday party! Their birthday party - they'd been open for one year!  So one Saturday, right as Ben started developing a consistent fever (like, 103.4 at one point!) which led us to discover his most recent double ear infection (again!) we found a break in the clouds as the Tylenol did its work and headed to their Parking-lot Party:
 (He tried to head-butt the goat through the fence...) #truestory

That night was when his temperature crept up... with a cooling bath and some more Tylenol, we called the doctor's line and were told to bring him in the next morning (how cool that there was a doctor in the office on a Sunday?!)

In we went, where we discovered the afore-mentioned double ear infection.  They prescribed a third anti-biotic (as he'd been on amoxicillin before his last ear infection, which was treated with augmentin and I think they just wanted to see if something would be more effective...) so we then trekked to a small Ma&Pa pharmacy that had this anti-biotic in stock.  While we waited for the ($70!!!!!) Rx, we sat and played left a total disaster for the staff in Starbucks.... (sorry guys!)

Then, on the way home we passed it - The Garage Sale! Where I found a K'Tan sling (still in original packaging!) for like, $2! And two potty-training seats for something like a buck each!

And this sweet ride:

He loved cruising in this baby, even with the missing gas-cap and wobbly-wheel.. (what do you expect for $2...)

And then this baby SLEPT.
 Mad Points for the reclining high-chair!!

I'm sure it was the combination of being slightly still feverish and not feeling well... But the good news was that the Rx did it's job - infection was fought and the fever went down the very next morning! (We still split that Monday to stay home 1/2 day each to give Button a chance to really recoop...)


  1. Where was the reclining high chair when I was searching high and low for the best possible one. I don't even recall seeing that as an option!!!

    Either way, what a cutie pie sleeping there!

  2. Also, I love that he relaxes with his arms behind his head like that. He's such a big boy!

  3. Adorable pictures! Poor little guy. I am glad he started feeling better quickly!