Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hot Saturday Nights... with MAYO?!

Want to know what my hot Saturday nights now look like? I mean, just a few short years ago (ok, like, 6-7 years ago...) I was primping and straightening (and pre-gaming!) before a night out on the town, that probably started around 11pm...

Well - last weekend, after No-Nap-Button finally crashed during a long neighborhood stroll (at 5:45pm!!!) I was spent after I put him to bed at 7:30....

So I treated myself to a spa night:
I started with a mayo hair mask - my hair is thick, curly and usually pretty dry... leave-in conditioners don't really do a ton... and I wanted to blow dry and straighten my hair last weekend, and what a good start to supposedly get soft sleek strands!
some random site I found said that heat really releases the protein in the mayo (and yes, I used straight-up sandwich Hellman's...) so, yay for plastic bag head... 

Told you I had hot Saturday nights now...

After the 20-minute wait, you're to shampoo out the mayo, and supposedly it will take a few shampoo-ings to get all the oil-i-ness out... well I either didn't use enough mayo, or had such dry hair that sucked up EVERYTHING in the mayo, because I barely shampooed it once, and it didn't feel *that* much sleeker...

Anyways - postShower I slathered on an aloe mask (which is clear, and I very nearly forgot I had on...) and treated myself to my first #JamberryMani:

I finished the night off around 11pm, blow drying my hair - which I then slept on to get some of the POOFINESS out, and then straightened the next morning as well... Just a TAD different than years past when I was blow-drying hair at 11pm, just starting my night...


(Waiting in LincolnTunnel Traffic...)
The very last day in September, I was back in NYC - but this time was with my new-momma BFF Dee and her mom.  We were there to see Rachel Ray!!!!
Here we are on TV!
We were right on the aisle, and got shown alot during audience shots!
(I hope no one from work happened to be watching, as I called out sick that day!)

The best part of the whole show? the guest co-host that walked out with Rachel Ray...
a HUGE MEGA TV star that we had no clue was going to be there,
so the shock and awe and excited giddiness of the audience was very real when he walked out!
(We weren't allowed cameras in the studio, so I was thrilled when - as we were leaving,
 we passed Huge Mega TV Star getting into his limo, and was able to snap these close up shots!
I mean, I could have reached out and slapped him high-five!)
In case you have been living under a rock the past 50 years couldn't tell, it's REGIS PHILBIN!

Back to basics tomorrow: 
BuggyList hot Yoga-ness!
and Foodie Friday - what's on the menu?!

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  1. oh man I love your jamberry nails!! that is the cutest! I've been loving jamberry for about 2 months now. What did we ever do before? : )