Tuesday, October 21, 2014

the Time When...

Some more of the Missing Month:

The last weekend in September brought gorgeous NYC-weather and so Button and I packed up and headed into Brooklyn for some of the most delicious food and drink!

We feasted on some wrapped up piggies:

We enjoyed some yummy LOBSTAH!

After a quick romp in the grass (where Button approached every stranger that was seated there with a wink and a wave:

We adventured with some sticky rice and Mango

We then packed up and, complete with a caramel&seaSalt cookie-IceCream-Sandwich that oozed and melted and made our fingers sticky - strolled on to try our flea-market hand in Williamsburg. (Our hands found success - this awesome vendor was where I got a birthday gift for E's aunt!)

We quenched our thirst with some "artisan" sodas (I'm not even sure what "artisan" means - but there were flavors like Hibiscus, Cinnamon & Clove... and Apple & Ginger (delish!!)... and Watermelon & Tarragon... so yea. I'm going to call them "artisan"...)

And then we really quenched our thirst with a good beer while this guy napped (for over 2 hours!!)

and THEN - I was able to break in my K-Tan wrap (boo, no pictures - but he loved it! as did I!) as we walked through Brooklyn, stopping at a playground for some sliding and screaming before we caught the subway back up to Muffin's apartment on the UpperWestSide.

*Oh god I just remembered that whole trek - so it takes a good hour between waiting for trains and switching to get from Brooklyn to the nearest stop to her apartment (approx 3-4 blocks) and we both had to pee before we even got on the train in Brooklyn... While on the train, Muffin needed extreme distractions to keep her from leaving a piddle on the train seat. 
I did my best, and we arrived at her stop - we sprinted up the station stairs, and into the nearest friendly restaurant where she blew past the hostess and made it to the bathroom just in time.

Meanwhile, I'm all, I can make it - I can distract myself enough, there's been more urgent times that I've totally made it to a bathroom! We've got this, I can wait til we get to your apartment Muffin!


I made it all the way into her building foyer (nothing fancy, really just a small entryway that has the wall of mailboxes and a teeny stairwell for her walk-up.)

I started the Pee-Pee Dance as I said to Muffin, "GO, just go unlock the door (I'll get Button out of the stroller) JUST GO UNLOCK YOUR DOOR!"

Aaaand as I took the stairs two at a time, slinging Button in my arms, I could feel it - I started peeing myself, and couldn't stop...

I banged into her open door, pee seeping into my jeans and down my inner thighs (YUP, that happened...) I set Button down (who apparently then toppled over on his bottom, having not been steady when I set him down - and he started SCREAMING)

I didn't even get my underwear pulled down - I scraped my jeans down over my hips, and sat on the toilet and peed straight through them.  Did you ever do that when you were little, and couldn't get a wet swimsuit down fast enough?

No? Just me?

Ok then...

And that was the time when a grown woman peed herself.

And had to come home commando in Muffin's PJ bottoms...
 (she gave me the pants - I still owe her another pair...)


  1. I cannot stop laughing!!!!! I've had a "near" accident not too long ago and ended up peeing in our car into a half empty cup - and mooned all the cars near us in the process. Quite the day you had! Love the pictures!

  2. Bahahaha! I've done that. Tossed the underwear in the trash and moved on with my day. :P