Thursday, January 17, 2013

Officially yet??

So depending on where you read, or who you listen to, or what app you're using - I cross(ed?) into 2nd tri sometime between last Thursday (12w) and this Sunday (13w3d).

Holy Bajeesus - 2nd trimester.  While it feels like forever ago that I dropped to my knees sobbing in the bathroom at the 2nd pink line, I can't believe I'm here, with a tiny second heart thumping away steadily on the doppler...

I'm out (and proud! lol) at work, and just one idea/photograph/photoshopdesign away from posting on F.acebook (lord knows nothing's official until it's posted on F.Book!)

And yes, I'm doing the whole Baby Diaries thing (the thing I usually skip over when reading other blogs because I find it slightly repetitive this early in a pregnancy) but now it's me, and it's my 3" little peach (HOLY SHIT the amount of love you can fit into three inches...)

How Big is Baby:  She's a peach, a blessed three whole inches - and E and I still hold a "he/she" battle nightly during doppler sessions that go something like:
E - oh I can't get the hb long enough to register, he must be moving around like crazy!
K - oh, SHE is just playing hard to get =)

Weight Gain: While I feel like I've gained a few pounds already, what with the lovely post-lunch-building-into-post-dinner-blump, my scale at home has only recently registered a lb or so... And when I mention this to E, as just a mere observation, he at first interpreted it as "OH GOD I'm already gaining weight!" cue freak out, and he proceeded to lecture me on the fact that yes, it's ok to gain weight now (no kidding! I'm using that excuse to eat much more than I normally would!)

Gender: See above he/she battle... MIL is set on going by old wives' tales so I've thrown her for a loop with the Its-a-Girl fast fetal hr, and then the Its-A-Boy no m/s at all...
Symptoms: Not much anymore - boobs are still nice and plump (as plump as they can be at still a small Bcup - grow suckers!) and while I thought I was heading into a more energetic three months, I fell asleep at 7:30 last night...

Sleep: (see above 12+ hr nights' sleep...)
Maternity Clothes: I've started to wear maternity clothes as they arrive (ordering more every week or so lol)
I haven't worn any of my previous work slacks for at least a week, and am anxious to hit the stores to shop for pants (I can nearly never shop online for pants, what wearing a 36" inseam, DEPENDING on the cut...)

Food Cravings: Not anything crazy, except when a coworker makes popcorn in a communal kitchen, and my nose picks it up from 1 whole floor up...
Food Aversions: Mushy bananas - natch, all mushy fruit - makes me gag - more of the texture I guess... lol

Stretchmarks: not yet...

What I'm Looking Forward To: The A/S (which is yet to scheduled at the perinatal office...) which will be less than 7 weeks away... I've known I'm pregnant for 11 weeks... crazy to think that soon we'll know the answer and can solve the he/she battle!
What I Miss: nothing.

Next Drs Appointment: February 6th - I'm assuming just b/w and a doppler check (if anything)
Best Moment of the Week: Telling people at work, and receiving the random huge grins and the "CONGRATS!" while walking down the hallway...

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  1. I'd say it's official :)

    Yeah for the 2nd tri! It feels SO GOOD doesn't it :) :)