Thursday, January 10, 2013

stupid Auto Restart...

After beginning my morning trying to order a 12-week celebratory decaf cup of Dunkin (which didn't go all that well - I noticed the server pour from a regular coffee carafe, when we ALL KNOW - or at least, having been a waitress for YEARS, at least I know - that decaf is kept in the orange-topped carafes!  I ain't messing around so I asked the guy, this is DECAF right? and he just looked at me - and I said, I absolutely cannot have caffeine, PLEASE. *sigh*)

Anyways - after that beginning, I get to work to find my computer had done me the courtesy of "installing updates and automatically restarting!"

...after I left open particular documents that I was working on yesterday.  (And mmmaybe a blog whose archives I had been in the middle of...) *shakes fist at Windows*

This loveliness happened, of course, after the receptionist in the front office nearly gagged me with her post-morning-cigarette stench.  Is it just pregnant-me or do the smokers REEK more than ever??

So here it is, afternoon,  where I'm struggling through the lunch-induced-coma, and I make a trip to the front office to drop off some outgoing mail.

And happened to stand a particular way, leaning against the island, that made above-mentioned stinky receptionist reach out and poke (well not poke, more like feel-with-the-back-of-her-hand) my stomach - apparently its starting to stick out noticeably? EEK!
I jumped up straight, and kind of laughed - and she laughed the same "Oh sorry to have assumed, it IS after lunch and you WERE standing a funny way!" chuckle and I hightailed it out of the office...

So apparently it won't be as big of a surprise to some people as I thought it would be when I spill the news after tomorrow's (OMFG TOMORROW?! The next 18 hours better FLY!) NT scan...


  1. Holy shit, TOMORROW is your NT! Where is time going? Like seriously!? WHERE!? I'm SO excited to see pics of your LO.

    But in regards to your blog from yesterday, have you ever looked at your posts? If you look at all of them you can typically see ones that are saved as drafts automatically - it may not be too late!

  2. Smokers do smell worse now. One of my coworkers smokes and I gag when she comes back in from her smoke breaks each day. Good Luck with the NT Scan! =)