Monday, January 21, 2013

a... Four-fecta?

(Anyone know what's a Trifecta, but +1?? lol)

So, 1 - 2nd Tri now.... officially, by all counting methods/apps (except the stupid WhattoExpect app which says 13w4d, but 1stTri still - maybe I'll just delete it... =P)

2 - To celebrate, I had my first prenatal massage yesterday - and it was a disappointing let-down... I had won a gift card for a free 55min massage (why not just an even hour?!)  so it was a place I'd never been to (one that had just opened and wanted to drum up business...)

It wasn't quite spa-atmosphere... I felt like a critic but I kept noticing things like the bed heater thingy not being turned on until after I was stripped down and laying between (the cold!) sheets... and the masseuse (who had slightly rough hands) did not warm the lotion up first every time... I'm picky I know, maybe because the spas I have been to have just been heavenly... (Even when tucked into the corners of mall department stores!)

And - AND, because it was a "prenatal massage" - they didn't let you lie face down! Eeeeven though I'm still able to do that! You had to lay on your side with some pillow showed between your knees, and that's how they got your back rubbed down... lame.  (Although I'm sure I would take it in a heartbeat in a few months...)

The massage place (since I don't quite feel like it deserves the name spa) was also running a promotion for joining their monthly well-ness plan ($60/month for one massage) and you got to keep the gift card from that day's appointment to regift, so the massage was "basically free" - wait, I used a gift card so the massage WAS free, regardless!   I decided it was most definitely not worth it...

Onto 3 - oh the dreams... I had my first loss dream Saturday night... I was on the toilet and looked down and saw just a single drop of blood fall into the water, followed by the peach-sized baby, gray and blood-free and still in the sac... I dove into the toilet with my hand, and the dream-world transforms baby physically into something like a doll, whose mouth and chest I can see breathing - so I decide to try to give baby heart compressions?! I wasn't scared or sad or anything when I woke up - I had just the relief of "this is real life, everything is ok still - holy shit wasn't that dream weird?!"

And then last night I dreamt that I was trying to find a private place to pee at a party (a frequent dream I have - any interpretations?!) and end up on a toilet with something like a shower curtain pulled around me, trying in vain for privacy.  And each time I wipe, there's miniscule amounts of blood - so pink, I guess it'd be the "tinged CM" variety... and it never got more, but it never got less...

oh the dreams...

And the Four-fecta - E is driving me up a freaking wall about eating enough... I'm sure he's going nuts because it's something he can't control, especially when he's gone from 2pm til 11pm yesterday for the NY Rangers game in NYC.  He walked in the house, and the first things out of his mouth were "What did you have for dinner?!"

I started ticking off broccoli cheddar soup, veggie chips, fruit cup, string cheese, bowl of L.ife cereal - amongst some other junky food that I fit in between courses... And he gets angry and says "YOU NEED TO EAT MORE!!!"

We are still in this battle - I am 100% fine with the fact that I'll be putting on weight VERY soon... But I see no reason to put on more weight than I need to - I will not be bingeing and using this pregnancy as an excuse to eat EVERY.THING.IN.SIGHT (as apparently he wants me to...)
I have a feeling that he thinks I'm afraid of the weight gain... that when I just make the mere observation, "Wow, I felt like I'd packed on a few already and according to the scale I haven't put on a single pound! That's good news!"  he interprets it as "OH THANK GOD I HAVEN'T GAINED WEIGHT YET!"

of course it doesn't work to point out "that other women throw up the entire first three months and LOSE weight - they still have healthy babies!" because then it's the whole, "but YOU weren't sick in your first trimester!"

I feel like it's usually the other way around - husbands are worried about you packing on the pounds, and you're like - FEED ME SEYMOUR!

Anyone else wish their DH would just be quiet already and trust that you're eating enough?!


  1. Oh that dream!! So sad! Those are the worst to get over. Just tell your DH to hush up!! Lol.

  2. The dreams are awful! I'm sorry you've been dealing with them. (I have, too.) Tell your husband to hush. I eat like each meal is my last, wasn't that sick in my first trimester, and I've still lost weight. Sometimes, no matter how much you eat, you're body is so busy growing a child, the pounds don't pack on right away. They will though.

  3. Brandon laughs at how much I eat now. I'm so hungry ALL the time! =) Funnier part is that he eats when I eat (when I'm at home). He has oreos and milk and popsicles with me almost every night!