Thursday, January 3, 2013

Diving in...

You know, baby, I have had moments where I wished I documented the first pregnancy, just to know what symptoms were happening when - what symptoms started disappearing when.

And then I am glad that I'm already blogging for this pregnancy - but here I am, without having recorded or documented the past few weeks... for fear of jinxing it all I guess...

But with the reassuring train-track-clopping of your heartbeat from the doppler (that I may or may not check oh, once a day...) I think I'm finally ready to start...

You see, baby, I'm 11 weeks pregnant with you today (even though I've measured 1 day behind and then 1 day ahead respectively at the last two doctor's appointments - we're sticking with a Thursday Ticker Change) I couldn't wait for you to move out of that prune stage - what an awful fruit for a baby!

You're already well-traveled and experienced at 11 weeks - you've made it through Hurricane S.andy! and been all over the state of Texas!  You've rung in a new year with live music!

Your daddy keeps asking when he'll be able to feel you, and I tell him not for a while - and I feel happy inside that I'll feel you first.  I'll be the one to feel you flip and flutter, but that also means that soon after you'll be kicking into your daddy's hand.  And I can't wait to see the look on his face when he feels that...

You're still my little secret at work - you and I will tell when we're damn well ready (but probably after next week's NT scan when we get to see you wave, because baby - you're getting hard to dress and hide!)

You haven't made me sick, just famished every few hours - and god bless you, there's no weight gain or stretch marks, YET

Baby, you seem to really like apples - daddy laughs and says he'd guess I've eaten more than he could count during the past 11 weeks.  Honey crisp, red delicious, granny smith (which are reaaally good dipped in peanut butter!) Even apple sauce!

You keep us guessing as to if you're a boy or girl - old wives' tales are no help either because some say boy (my skin hasn't really broken out) and some say girl (your FHR is 178, baby!)  And yes, the ultimate desire is a happy, healthy baby - but I am secretly (ok not to secretly, your daddy hears this daily) jonesing for you to be a girl... Your grandma (and GREAT grandma) make the best dresses, blankets, hair clips and headbands a girl could want! 

So, a slightly late official WELCOME, Baby - I hope you find everything you need in my uterus and placenta/amniotic sac (I'm still not sure which one is the permanent resident for you now...)

Enjoy the complimentary continental breakfasts, and we'll see you next week, Baby, at the NT!

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  1. I love how you talk to your baby in this letter. May I also add that they're going to have a little friend living in Iowa??