Monday, January 7, 2013

Another Loss-Milestone...

It was at this exact point in May, 11w4d, that I heard the words from the sono-tech "I'm so sorry, I don't have good news for you..." after a panicked few days of brown spotting, back cramps, and zilch on the doppler at home.

And, though the day's not over yet, we've been succesfully finding baby's steady hb with the doppler for over a week now...

But I can't honestly say "I'm the most pregnant I've ever been" - because I passed that around 8.5 weeks (when growth stopped last time.)

And I can't honestly even say, "I'm the most pregnant I ever even thought I've been!" - because, while my brain (and E) kept insisting, everything's probably fine - I'm just overreacting, REALLY - the odds are in my favor - my heart couldn't ignore the regular non-pregnancy breasts and the disappearance of hunger pains, and the re-appearance of hair shedding like a yeti in the shower...

All of this is new territory - but at least, I guess, I can say my ticker's gone the furthest it's ever been! =P

Baby - you're measuring between a lime (1.6in) and a plum (2.5in), depending on which app I go by... And your fhr? Still nice and high at 172-178! Your mommy thought fatigue was getting a little better in the new year, but then was asleep, or at least napping, by 7:30 the last two nights!  Good news is you've moved up a bit in my tummy, and the urge to pee - 4 times a night! - is decreasing... (something that would have caused me to worry and panic, if I didn't have the calming "lub-dub" heart baeat when we peek in on you with the doppler...)

We are so so grateful for this technology, and just found out that your grandma used a stethoscope at home 30 years ago to check in on your daddy!

You've got a crew excited to meet you - cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends in places like Alaska! and California, and Texas, and Washington, and very much a special friend in Iowa also on his/her way!

So, I'll keep this oven cranked up if you keep on baking! (Speaking of bun and oven, we told Daddy's cousin - and my good friend! - about you last night with a Bun in the Oven candle - she didn't get it at first, which was pretty funny to watch, but is so excited to meet you!)

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  1. Duuuuude! Stethoscope... FREAKING GENIUS! I can't wait to meet your little guy/girl too! I can't wait to see pictures from the NT scan this Friday and everything! SO EXCITING!