Friday, January 11, 2013

a Doppler Dependency...

I don't think it's sunk in yet... being on the other side...

On the other side of the appointment that I never got to in May...

I prepared, starting last night:

I shaved my legs (cuz god knows when they were shaved last... WHAT?! it's winter!)
I shaved my armpits (those, I keep up with regardless of the season)
I shaved - well, elsewhere.

I painted my toenails (cuz again, god KNOWS when they were last done!  And while I feel it's slightly a waste in the middle of winter, nothing looks better than a fresh coat of Avon's plumberry* polish)
*I think I completely made up that name, so please don't go try to find it online anywhere...

And then this morning, since E was getting some time in at work before meeting me at the doctor's, I couldn't help but use the doppler - it had been 36 hours, and took about 3.6 seconds to find baby...

What a world of difference it was, approaching this NT scan... The first appointment before which I was able to confirm for myself (over and over) that yes, baby's still kicking in there - his/her heart is gallump-gallumping away still. 

So we confidently approached the ultrasound tech who globbed out enough gel to lube an elephant (sorry, graphic? image you didn't want stuck in your head? You're welcome. =)

and saw this:

Be still my beating heart...

And for the BPF record, 12w exactly:
                                      first thing in the morning       vs             late at night 
what a difference all that eating makes!


  1. Aww yay! Dopplers are amamzing! thanks for the elephant image.. It will be stuck all day!

  2. Good for you for pampering yourself. It's sad but I know exactly why you did it... just in case. Thank goodness for dopplers though. I had to reassure myself this morning. After telling everyone I was like, "well shit, I just jinxed myself."

    And your morning/night pics are a riot! I can't believe that's how much it changes throughout the daytime for you! This is why I insist on pics in the morning :)