Thursday, January 31, 2013

3 Eighths...

That's what 15 weeks is - 3/8 of the way through a pregnancy.  In 5 weeks, I'll be half-baked...

*pant pant* ok, Squee-ing done...

So I finally scheduled the A/S and tried to get the perinatal office to do it around 18.5-19w (when I see a number of other girls getting their's) and I was informed absolutely not BEFORE 20w.  So it's scheduled for 20w1d, on March 8th.

Aaaaaand then I counted the 5 weeks between now and then... and subtly suggested an elective u/s to E, because - well - it's "only" $60!  (And by subtly, I think I said - I CANT WAIT UNTIL MARCH 8TH!!!)
...And he agreed...
(squeeing is NOT DONE)

So our elective u/s (to 1 - check in on baby, and 2 - get the GENDER!!) is set for 17weeks on, get this - Valentine's Day.  =)

We had already decided, for Vday, to both take off work and hit NYC for museums + dinner at our favorite restauraunt in Soho... now we get to do all that with the knowledge of whether our nursery will be pink or blue!
(ok - NOW I think squeeing is done with...)

Dear sweet 15week navel-orange-size baby - we're gonna see YOU in about two weeks!! *((any guesses on team boy vs team pink?!))

**Go pregnancy brain... I snuck my phone with me for the typical work-bathroom-bump-shot, and then forgot to post...
I gotta say, I like the little bootie I'm getting =P
(SO FAR... listen butt, don't get TOO big!)


  1. Congrats on being 15 weeks! I love your V-Day plans :) Yay for elective u/s places huh? I don't think I could stand having to wait extra long! Luckily our place let us schedule at 18 weeks but if not for that I would be doing the same thing!

  2. I'm so happy you are doing an elective ultrasound! That's what we did and it was worth every penny of the $60! What an amazing V-Day!! I can't wait to hear what you are having!

    1. Ooo and I'm guessing team blue, because it seems like everyone is having boys right now.