Saturday, February 2, 2013

Double Trouble??

Quick post before we head to a (very) late Christmas exchange with my sister (and family) out of state:

So with the elective u/s to find out the gender set just one day before my PgAL Bestie, Weaslewam, we decided to go big (or go home!)

On Saturday February 16th, she and I are both going to post reveal videos on our blog (you know, we'll be on the phone doing the whole "Wait, do we hit post ON three?! or One-Two-Three and then post?!")

And then I'm sure it'll be a race to see who can get over to the other's blog first!

I'm still debating over whether to have the tech write down the sex, and tuck it away into an envelope, for E and I to open later... or if I'm just going to scream the second we walk in - BOY OR GIRL?! (and they'll be like, "um ma'am... you're still standing in the entry way - how about we go back into the room and we'll get the u/s going first?")

So - any good ideas for a fun video reveal? (Because as Weaslewam mentioned, we'll be most likely using the same video to reveal to friends/family out of state!)

Have a great weekend! (and a very late Merry Christmas?!)

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  1. I'm trying to come up with ideas too! So many decisions to make in the next few weeks haha!