Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bad Planning

So you know how I said layered tights / underwear don't work well for a frequent-pee-er? Well it doesn't work well for an abdominal doppler check either...

Yup - at my 16w check up yesterday, I laid on the table with my dress around my waist and tights pulled down low on my hips so the doctor could use his from-the-stone-ages doppler (during which he mumbled "hold STILL kid!" and I thought at first he was talking to me and was about to retort, "I'm LAYING here partially derobed like a teenager in a backseat, sorry if I'm a little squirmy!" ... And then I realized who he WAS talking to...)

And like the whole back-seat virgin-no-more, I was slightly sweaty (lovely) because the doctor's office decided to call me at 3pm and tell me that the doctor had to leave early that evening - I can either reschedule my 5:20 appointment for a MONTH from now (kinda negates the whole purpose, no?) or come in earlier.  Like right now.

So I had to wade through a sea of buses (city and school) and arrived at the doctor's feeling a bit like a warrior having just completed crossing the battlefield...

And continuing on the bad-planning plane - I have an appointment at noon today to complete the root canal that was started pre-pregnancy.  Guess who called at 10am...

NO I cannot leave work RIGHT NOW, 2 hours before my appointment time, because you had a "huge cancellation." 
I will see you at noon!

Because then, after the dentist, I am (finally!!) getting my eyebrows waxed (I have gotten really good at the trick of using white eyeshadow/highlighter lately to give the appearance that "why no, that is not multiple stray hairs falling into my EYELASHES because I haven't been to the salon!"

How about we aim for something inbetween Ms Frida and this:

And then some hang time at home a bit (probably rocking some Guitar Hero) so the dogs get some freedom today before E and I head into NYC for a Rangers hockey game with some of his coworkers...

(Hi Baby!!  You're an Avacado today! And we find out - in ONE WEEK - if you've got an "innie" or an "outie" - Daddy and I are counting down the minutes!!)

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  1. ONE WEEK! That is bananas! Little avocado, I can't wait to learn more about you!