Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Covering the Spread...

With coworkers on both sides of the fence (Boy or Girl?!) and family members asking me if I have a motherly feeling one way or the other...
I think E's aunt has got it figured best:

She predicted boy when we first told her we were pregnant.

Then just last week, she looks at me and says, "Now I'm thinking girl..."

Where most would see someone who has no clue what they're talking about, and they've got a 50/50 shot either way -

I see a woman who's covered the spread...

If it's a boy, she can claim "That was what I guessed first - I KNEW IT!"
If it's a girl, she can claim "Yup, that's what my instinct told me - I KNEW IT!"

Somehow this lady has even the 50/50 odds beat!

P.S. NOTE to future pregnant self - a layer of underwear, fishnets (conservative, for work!) and boyshorts to keep said fishnets up under dress are NOT APPROPRIATE layers for a urinary frequent flier...

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  1. Yeah - that's why I'm sticking with my gut reaction of boy. And if I'm wrong it'll just be another pattern of me constantly choosing wrong. Then next time - I'll figure out what my gut tells me and then say the opposite haha!