Friday, February 15, 2013

Hard Habit to break...

What a Valentine's Day!

It started out quite bumpy when DH brings out a lovely half dead bouquet of (what were once) beautiful flowers...

E had thought, Wednesday night, that the flowers would stay the freshest if he threw them into our refridgerator. 

In our forty-degree refridgerator.

"Because that's where FLORISTS keep their flowers!"

Where obviously, tropical flowers - such as the drooping brown lifeless object on the left - do NOT thrive...

So we laughed all day about how he had given me the "worst flowers ever, from ANYONE."

And then it got a little bittersweet (although I didn't vocalize any of this to Eric...)
You see, you're never the same person after a loss:
Before our 12week NT scan, I wouldn't even consider ideas for "announcements" until after a successful appointment.  You want to be excited, but it's just so hard in the hours right before an ultrasound, you reason "I'll be happy AFTERWARDS!"

So my first instinct was to hold onto the Valentine's Day gift I had for E and give it to him AFTER the elective ultrasound we were scheduled for at 11:30. 
E's gift - a book with things like 'how to change a
diaper in a crowded stadium bathroom!'
right up his alley =)

I wanted to wait until AFTER the appointment to give it to E because, you know.  In case.

In case, god forbid - something is wrong, and you don't want to look back on some silly gift and cringe and now have to deal with said silly gift in the aftermath...

It's the same, I reason, why a PgAL-er mentally thinks through if her workday following an appointment would allow for a "Personal Day..."

But like I said, all I asked E was "Do you want your gift now or after the u/s?" and greedy little bastard said "GIVE ME NOW NOW NOW!"

He's like a 4-year-old on Christmas morning... =P

And the day continued with our oldest dog (remember the red sauce on the living room carpet? and the tea all over me and the couch?!  yea, same dog...) getting into the ENTIRE bag of dogfood, and eating 4 days worth of food...
"What green bag? I didn't shove my nose in any green food bag!"

The icing on the cake was getting into the city, cabbing to South Street Seaport and wandering around a bit trying to find The Bodies Exhibit - only to discover it's "Closed Until Further Notice."

The incredible french cuisine we got for dinner later smoothed it aaalll over -
Sea Scallops and Squid Ink Rissotto (had to watch teeth stains!)
Toffee Pudding (with sugar glass and BACON BITS! was delish!)

Oh, but wait - someone's waving their arms at me frantically...
And what's that you're screaming at me?

Oh you mean you want to know if we're having a boy or a girl??

Silly me, to forget such an IMPORTANT PART of yesterday that it totally eclipsed all of the above!

E cried like a baby when the tech told us...
My mom cried on the phone in Texas...

We got loads of love and congratulations from family and friends on our.....


  1. Oooooooooooooooo!!!!!! I am so excited for you!!!!!!

  2. Yay!!!! So exciting!!! Congrats on your sweet baby boy!!!

  3. Yaaaaaaay! Team blue!!! Congratulations!!!

    1. I was looking forward to the reveal video though! But I'm glad I don't have to wait til tomorrow.

  4. Congratulations! That is so exciting that you are having a little boy!

  5. Awwww a sweet baby boy!!!! Congrats!!