Friday, February 22, 2013

Some interesting stuff I've noticed lately:

People ask, AFTER they've manhandled you, "Can I touch your stomach?!"

People ask me, "How's the baby?"
uummm... Good? just carrying on in his fetus ways... In fact he's doing swimmingly.... Get it? SWIMMINGLY? In all that fluid??  (But really, what else do they expect to hear? "Oh he's causing me some MAJOR constipation!")

And a funny story from lunch today at work:
After discussing how the past 1+ year in our new house flew by, another (very out of the loop coworker) raised his head and asked, "So you were in your new house when you got pregnant?"

.... Are you asking me where I had sex when I got pregnant?? Or are you just very late to the conversation and forgot the fact that 1 - I've lived in the house for more than a year, and 2 - have not been pregnant for 13 months...

And I thought I had bad pregnancy brain!


  1. Ack - and so the belly touching begins. I'm sorry! I think I'm going to be a bitch whenever someone tries anything, honestly. I suggest grabbing their stomach and asking if it's ok.

  2. I hate the belly touchers! I'm so tempted to just always wear a bright neon shirt that says "If you didn't put it in there, don't touch it."

  3. That last comment...seriously??? The things some people say....