Wednesday, February 27, 2013

SERIOUSLY - anyone want a dog?!

After his past escapades - from getting into the garbage (fresh with empty cups of white paint, and coffee grinds - all over the HARDWOOD FLOOR nonetheless), to pulling down Zoey's high-calorie-supplement off the kitchen counter and proceeding to eat nearly the entire tube (which warranted a call to animal poison control, where they wanted to charge $50 FOR A CONSULTATION) this dog, my first-on-my-own-as-an-adult dog...

After the last two days, I've had it up to HERE! (arm stretched so high above head...)

Monday night I come home from work to find Zoey had pooped in her crate (warranting her bedding to need washing and crate to be scrubbed out - thankfully SHE was clean) and Rocco had pooped in the dining room - TWICE (huge WET piles).  And once on MY BRAND NEW bathroom shag rug.  Wet again - it shmeared and the rug had to be thrown in the wash machine...

Somewhere that evening I found the energy to make oatmeal raisin cookies - all soft and gooey in the middle.  (E brought some to work and said his co-workers raved All. Day. Long.)

And last night I come home from work to find, tucked underneath a corner of the couch, an empty chewed-through ziploc bag... lonely on the floor - evidence of oatmeal crumbs.

I think I cried.

Because then I found more Zoey-poop in her crate.

So, SERIOUSLY - anyone want a dog?!

(Ok, not REALLY seriously.  But I am at... the end... of my ROPE...)

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  1. Ooof! I'm sorry the dogs are driving you nuts.