Thursday, February 28, 2013

Kicking - its the new Doppler!

Baby Boy is getting consistantly "kickier" - so much that when E asked me the other day if I felt comfortable enough to forgo the doppler, I said "yup- I'm good!"

There's still moments - like when (finally!) watching WhatToExpectWhenYou'reExpecting and seeing (spoiler alert!*) one mom go through a miscarriage - I broke down in tears, just remembering that moment on the table... and had the biggest urge to run upstairs and listen to baby on the doppler... but right then, it's like he sensed my need and gave the quickest little "thump" of reassurance... and I literally said outloud, "Thank you..."

*If you still are needing a spoiler alert for WTEWYE, then you're lame sauce like me and were waiting for it to come on cable... well its on cable! DVR that 'ish!

And then there's the embarassing moment of crying at FootLoose... yes, the cheesy remake of the Kevin Bacon cult classic where the "DANCE IT OUT!" scene was replicated...


But the nursery plans are solidifying (just need to find either the already-existing PERFECT bedding on etsy, or have my mom make it =) and we're about to break ground on remodeling our master bathroom (which will be breaking into the nursery) so things are starting to move!!

Will soon post some awesome (read UGLY) before pictures of our tiny closet bathroom that's soon to be no more!

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  1. Can't wait to see the before/afters of your bathroom! I'm way too lazy to make my own bedding for the nursery... :( but go Kate's Mom if she's willing :)