Monday, March 4, 2013

what's Poppin'

So I'm standing in the front office, discussing options to replace our dinosaur of a copier with our Xerox salesman (who I have to say is attractive!) and baby starts poppin' and kickin' - and I'm trying my hardest not to bust out a big giggle/grin...

Because then what do you say?
"Sorry, I'm just so freaking excited about picking out our new copy/fax machine!!!"


Finally, yesterday, Daddy got the chance to feel his baby boy kick for the first time ever...

He had spent the night in Atlantic City (E, not the baby... just clarifying lol) at a bachelor party (which he claims was "way lame" - yea, ok.  lol) and wanted to just couch-surf for the afternoon/evening...

I was able to get his hand on the bump in time for a little thump - E's eyes snapped up asking, "was that him?!"

And then of course, after that one - he left his hand there for minutes and nothing... and so took his hand back, and laid down comfortable, and baby boy started thumping again... already playing games!

An hour or so later, I felt the baby start to squirm again and just had this - well, motherly feeling I guess! - that a big kick was coming... I said, "GIVE ME YOUR HAND RIGHT NOW!"

And E and I watched - we saw his fingers raise up with the biggest "hi-YA" from the baby!

And even though E tends to get weepy (he had tears running to his chin during our wedding as I came down the aisle! and he cried like a baby (ha! get it?) at the u/s when he found out it was a boy...) he did not cry this time - he kept his cool and just said..."That was so freaking awesome."

And it was.

Oh. and 2ish days until half baked... holy hell.

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  1. Woohoo! Congrats on almost half-baked. I love that yous husband is getting to feel the baby kicking.