Tuesday, March 12, 2013

&*#@$ !!!!!

Today can go SUCK IT...

(it actually started last night when I discovered Zoey had peed - ON OUR BED - which soaked through the comforter (needs to be dry cleaned), both sheets, AND the mattress protector!)

1. it's a dark and dreary rainy day - so normal wakeup time feels like the ass-crack of dawn
2. E asks me to take the dogs out because he's running late to work (and he had been up until 2am working on bathroom demolition!)  So when out with the dogs, I spend 15 minutes waiting but Zoey won't poop - which makes me nervous considering her poop-in-crate history...
4. I step in dog sh*t while trying to get her to poop... LOVELY.
5. I decide to feed the dogs first, then re-attempt the pooping with Zoey (you know the theory - new food pushes out old?)
6. After spending another 15 minutes in the rain (poop-success, HALLELUJAH!) I am now 30 minutes behind schedule..
7. After a quick shower, I am thrilled to already have an outfit picked out - momma sent me a maternity shirt and three dresses yesterday in the mail! Except.... Zoey had peed all over them.
8. I realize half-way through the work day - as I'm starting to sweat at the copy machine (copying/scanning documents for that awesome lawsuit) that, oh YES - I forgot deodorant this morning...

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ORIGINAL CATHYModern-day Interpretation, courtesy Andy Samberg and SNL


  1. That is one bad day! I'm sorry.

  2. Argh...I hate days like that. Here's to hoping that things improve!

  3. Boo! I hope today is going better for you!