Friday, March 22, 2013

Housewivery - Easter Prep!

I started out college and pre-relationship living on ramen and mac'n'cheese...

Thank GOD E enjoys - or at least doesn't MIND cooking, otherwise we'd be a pretty lean couple!

I've recently started really digging into the "house-wivery" - I made a chicken and pasta dish the other night that rivals first class restaurants! (no pics, but it was a cream-based pink sauce with chicken and penne - it was so freaking yummy, it's on my favorite recipes list...)

and ok, so yes - I cheated JUST A LITTLE BIT.  I used one of these suckers...

But I still added the fresh chicken, and fresh tomatos and fresh cream!

Admit, it's a long way from Kraft mac'n'cheese! E was very proud!

So I'm embracing this house-wife stuff and getting ready to host the inlaws for Easter - it's going to be 11 people... *gulp*

I hosted last year, but had my mom visiting (from TX) to help prepare my first big meal of ham and all the fixings... Last year was also the announcement (at 6 weeks! oh the naivety) of our first pregnancy... So this year is different in a few ways...

So, I've added to my crammed-full ever-expanding list of pinterest/craft projects and have decided I WILL get these done this year for Easter!
(What usually happens is I get bored at work, flip through The Craft To-Do List and go - OH CRAP! I wanted to do that at Easter a month ago! dammit!)

Here's the plan:
I'm making blown-out (is that the term? like a hair blow out? lol) eggs this year for the table!
And then I'm making paper-mache nests for those awesome malt-ball robins' eggs!*

*Ok so to be realistic, we'll see on this paper mache... Easter is in about 9 days... But these will make good projects to work on while E is upstairs working on the bathroom!


  1. Wow! You sure have a lot going on! I found your blog through ICLW and I love it. I hope everything turns out well for your Easter dinner!

  2. Love all the projects!!! Can't wait to hear how it all went!

  3. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog for ICLW. Dinner sounds fantastic. Good luck with Easter dinner. I bet it will be fantastic.