Thursday, March 14, 2013

21 weeks!

How did we get to a point where there's more weeks behind us than there are before us?!
21weeks down, 19 to go...

He's definitely calmed down, movement wise - enough that I've dusted off the doppler in the last week!  (Baby, you better not start freaking out your momma this early in life! There's enough time for that later! KICK!)

I keep having to re-read and remind myself that this is perfectly normal, and that movement shouldn't really become consistant for another couple of weeks...

We're also (hopefully) about halfway done with our bathroom remodel!
(I think we're halfway done labor-wise, not over-all-time-line wise... now that the plumber's gone and done his repiping of things, E can work at his leisure - i.e. SLOWLY - to start rebuilding the bathroom...)

A "Before" shot of our closet bathroom

Notice the LOVELY plywood tank-cover on the back of the toilet...

That would be due to the wall-shelf unit crashing down one day - scaring THE BEJESUS out of me - about a week after I got my BFP - so some used Wondfo barely-there-liners may or may not have fallen in the toilet... lol

Click Click
             Before                -->                     After             Before                    -->                   After
                          (minus the wall that WAS the nursery!)

The view from the other side of that wall!

This is looking in from the nursery

A wall will be put up at the edge of the carpet...

And then it's time for me to step in and paint (while well-ventilated)!


  1. I swear, the house I grew up in had that exact same shower! My mom has since replaced it - but I swear it's the same :)

    I love the progress pics!

  2. I love the Keep Calm and Doppler On graphic, lol. Looks like you guys are making a lot of progress with your renovation! Good luck with the rest of it!