Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It never gets easier...

I hate to be the bearer of bad news to any new PgAL ladies - but this 'ish never gets easier...

PgAL brain is no joke, and I really can't say its better even now at almost 23 weeks when baby boy likes to be all Pele one day, and then quiet the next...
*Not actually Pele, but its the best "soccer kicking" GIF I could find...

The Stages of PgAL Brain
Stage I: Before the pee dries on the first HPT, you're yanking out three more - ALL DIFFERENT BRANDS - to double check...

Stage II: If you charted, you keep temping for a few days - analyzing every miniscule rise or drop - until other PgALers demand that you:

Stage III: You keep peeing on things every morning for days WEEKS to see if the second line's getting darker...

Stage IV: You check the TP (and your underwear) every. SINGLE. TIME. you're in the bathroom... (and in my case, freakthefuck out when you see red - and realize its a fuzzy from the afghan in in the living room... how the HELL did that get in there?!)

Stage V:  If you have a doppler, you begin using it around 9 weeks and try not to use it more than twice ok ONCE a day...

Stage VI: This is the REAL fun one (and where I am now) - you start to SNIFF the TP (and possibly your underwear) every. SINGLE. TIME you're in the bathroom to check for leaking amniotic fluid - you've only HEARD that it smells very distinctly sweet, but you'll be checking every trip!

HaveYOU ever fallen onto this scale?  If you've discovered a stage past VI - let me know and I'll add it!


  1. What about checking your own cervix for signs of dilation (I did this earlier this week)???

    Oh PgAL brain. You seriously can suck it.

    1. oh I forgot the cervix checks we all thought we left behind with TTC!!

  2. I have refused to use the red towels we have, and I won't wear any red underwear, because the time I did use a red towel, I freaked out over a red piece of fuzz. You have got to be kidding me...definitely still checking the tp for any signs of blood, and now that you mentioned the sniffing the tp, I may start doing that soon. Ugh, PgAL brain can kiss my ass.

  3. hhaha i have definitely been there! at 23w i am still checking the TP EVERY TIME. and i peed on over 20 sticks. holy!
    i totally know what youre sayin about the babe kicking like heck then being quiet. mine was just quiet for over 48hrs and i got sent to labor n delivery! panic mode mama over here! post on that coming soon, haha.
    stoping in from iclw! loved this post :)

  4. So glad I'm not the only undie sniffer. I keep thinking it's going to get easier and it never does. Hang in there, Kate!