Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How Egg-citing!!

(egg-citing = exciting ... cheesy. I know... I had to do it, Easter's coming!)

So one of two Easter crafts is done and crossed off the list!

E's adopted sisters (15 and 16 years old) stayed over Saturday night and we went to town!

First, blowing the eggs: I took drill bits (thanks E for the idea!) and starting with the smallest one, "drilled" by hand a hole in each end of the egg, using a progressively bigger bit for the "exit" hole...

Then it was time to "blow" - E's sisters refused to take action shots, but here's an egg draining in between "blows"...
We hurried and drained an egg to mix with our pancake batter Sunday morning, and then saved the rest of the eggs for omlettes later on... waste not, want not!

Once all 11 eggs were drilled, blown and drained, we washed them out and let them dry in the sun.

We dyed the eggs (just food coloring+boiling water+vinegar, and we followed the instructions on the food coloring box for some cool colors like Orange Sunset and Dusty Rose) and even though we had hot-glued the drill holes shut, the boiling water from the dye (DUH) melted it off, and the eggs filled with water - so we had to be careful to drain them all after the timed dip-dye...

Then it was time to decorate!! I made a few like the ones I'd seen on pinterest, and the girls did the rest (and yes, I was - and most likely still am - the kid that will point out HER eggs to everyone on Easter, to make sure they know that I did not make the painted, flower-COVERED little-kid eggs... lol)
Click Click
My eggs!

Our master pieces:


  1. Very pretty!

    And way more effort than I would put into decorating. (I might be kind of lazy...)

  2. Oh my, These are so adorable. LOVE it!

  3. You're so "punny" heheheh! I've never drained an egg before, was it hard?!

    1. I learned (way too late) that the bigger the "exit hole" in the egg, the much quicker it went! =P