Thursday, March 7, 2013

Half baked, half crazed!

IT has arrived.
140 days down, 140 days to go...
(Oh and do you see that? 1 day left until our anatomy scan1!)

I'm half baked.
/\ That's my "OMFG!" dance...

Here we are, 50% through the pregnancy.  I know I've used the word before, but everything just feels so surreal.  I feel my baby boy kick throughout the day... E has felt him from the outside (and is dying for more - if you're listening baby!)

We have baby clothes in the house!
THE cutest little leggings
a thrift store find - they're Carter's - and were only $0.49!!!

And we're slowly (like, at a snail's pace, slowly) getting the nursery started:
Our first official purchase for baby!

Our "drawing board" for designs so far:
Click Click
*And yes, I made the above in Microsoft Paint... =P
I'm leaning towards the darker turqoise swatch on the left!
(so far the only) bedding I really like

And step one toward having the nursery is done, is refurbishing our master closet bathroom!
That's step one because we'll be breaking a wall into the current nursery to expand the bathroom:

So only once the new wall is up can we start painting and moving furniture into the nursery... E keeps saying we have "so much time!" But I have a feeling the summer is going to be here before we know it...

And alot of the demolition and construction will be done by E, his dad and a buddy of his who is a contractor (to save a ton of moola, we're only hiring a plumber to move all the plumbing - toilet, shower, double sinks) so it's going to go according to our schedule - so we should be done, oh, by July!!

And one last pic in this image-heavy post:


  1. WOAH - You're halfway there. WOAHHHH LIVING ON A PRAYER! (Sorry it's the thing that comes to my mind when I think of people being half baked)

    Look at that adorable bump!

    Those leggings are super duper freaking cute.

    Is it too weird to say that we need to buy matching outfits for our little ones so they can be twins every once in a while :)

    1. I started singing Bon Jovi this morning too!! =)

  2. Oh my gosh, I love this post! Congratulations! And can I ask where you bought the monkey from? DH and I kind of are obsessed with monkeys and I might need to buy one of those for our little munchkin too ;)

    1. the monkey either came from BBB or BRU - we hit both in one day and their layouts were nearly identical, so I can't remember which store =)