Monday, March 11, 2013

HANGOVERS still?? ...zzzzz...

I feel like such a zombie this morning - I think it's the combination of the time change and our crazy busy weekend...

For instance - Friday, as soon as I got home (very late) from a long work day, we ran out for dinner with my SIL and her husband...
Saturday morning we got up early to register (first time in person! meaning, I've only so far done crazy registering online when I'm supposed to be working) at Target for the Texas baby shower in less than a month...
From there we went to a warehouse to order the vanity and counter top for the master bathroom (some wicked before/progress shots to come!).

We grabbed a quick bite from Burger King (stayed healthy with their fruit smoothies!) and then trolled Home Depot for sink and shower faucets (oh my GAWD of course the ones we like would be $500 total....) and the new toilet.

AND THEN we ran home and started getting ready for a 10-year anniversary work party for E's company - cocktail fancy, and bar after-party... I'm proud to say I had the energy to stay and dance and be the DD for E only because I loaded up for a sugar high (3 sticks of cotton candy + high-piled platefuls at the dessert hour... yummmmm)
But then Sunday morning I felt HUNGOVER - complete with slight headache, dry mouth and queasiness!  I thought I got away from all that when the alcohol consumption stopped - boooo!! (It was probably all the sugar lol)

Anyways - tons of crap to do at work the next two weeks - the UGLY LAWSUIT has reared its head again, I've got two seminars and a cost report due a week from Friday... E is just as busy at home getting the bathroom demolition'ed for the plumber to come start his work...

Dare I say it - I can't wait for the baby to come so we can SLOW OUR LIVES DOWN!


  1. wow, that does sound like a crazy weekend! you aren't alone in the hungover-ness, I've had that too. I think like you said it's the sugar plus could be dehydration.

    what's the lawsuit all about? I hope everything is okay!

  2. THREE sticks of cotton candy? I would normally be like HOLY CRAP but now I'm kinda craving it... darn you!

    1. You and me both, Weaslewam, though the hangovers do suck.

      As crazy busy as your weekend was (and despite the lawsuit), it sounds like you had fun.