Friday, March 8, 2013

Head Over Heels...

...In love with this face:
He's already got the position down for breast feeding!

And based on this morning's anatomy scan (during which we had no clue we'd get a peek at him in 4D!), he's already perfect... From his 10 tiny toes to the top of his "average size" head (I made sure to ask, saying to E "I am pushing him out of a hole this big - I get to ask these things!")
He is a perfect 14oz - "Almost a pound!" I said to E, after confirming with the nurse a whispered "16oz is a pound, right?!"

And then at the monthly doctor's appointment, the official results from the 2nd screening (the bloodwork they took at 16w that I have no recollection of... go pregnancy brain lol)
We are 1:10,000 for trisomy and DS - and those are the lowest odds "they" give, we were told! Mommy and Daddy are happy!*

*The morning DID start out pretty rough... we figured we'd allow 45 minutes to travel (in the snow) what normally takes 20, in two separate cars so we could head in opposite directions to work after the appointments.

Well first - (remember my uphill driveway?!) we battled to get my car to the street.  The battle left me tear-stained and frustrated, after I kept saying "E we dont have TIME to be screwing around with this!"  We could have (SHOULD HAVE!) just left my car in the nice warm garage, and gone in his 4WD truck.
Because after getting my car to the street, E said he didn't want me driving my car in the snow, even to work, so it's now sitting out on the street in the snow, where it HOPEFULLY (*knock on wood PUH-LEASE) won't get hit by a car sliding down the street!
And - we were 25 minutes late to the maternal fetal medicine office.  And I considered it all E's fault - so the ride over was a bit chilly...

Nothing like a cute little baby to warm it up though: