Monday, February 4, 2013

Out of Nowhere!

Dear Baby -

Your daddy and I went to see your aunt (and family) out of state this weekend (you and I do NOT do well on 3+ hour car rides!)

Your cousin was just too cute at breakfast yesterday morning - she asked if "the baby eats alot" and when I explained that whatever I eat trickles down to you, she looked at my empty plates (yes, multiple plates) and said "Boy, baby must be really full!"

And overnight, it seems you've made your presence known - I woke up Sunday morning, rolled onto my back and felt something firm - no more squishy "blump" and food-baby... It's YOU, baby!

Your daddy loves to feel the new firmness, and we can't wait to hear the glowing reviews I'm sure you'll get from the doctors at our check up this Wednesday... Disappointingly, we won't actually see you again for another (checks countdown timer on phone) 10 days and 37 minutes!  And on that day, in 10 days, your daddy and I will find out if we're team pink or team blue!

The whole family has told us they'll be waiting by the phones with baited breath, anxious to hear of their new granddaughter/son, niece/nephew, cousin - so you just put those little goods on display, no playing peek-a-boo! (But then put those goods back away for 20 years please!)

P.S. And whenever you're ready (but DO try not to make me wait too long) bring on the "YES-that's-baby-for-SURE!" flutters and kicks please!


  1. Yup - the fear of baby playing peek-a-boo during our A/S is looming in the back of my mind. I hope babies cooperate! Don't they know if they don't they're only going to wear green or yellow for months?

  2. Aw this is such a cute letter! And I love your niece's comment, don't kids say the darndest things?