Monday, February 11, 2013

The Ugly Cry

The ugly cry has arrived.. and won't leave after hitting hard Friday afternoon during the storm...
The road before mine is a hill.. uphill. (And this is the literal road leading to my house, not some metaphorical "road"... Just so we're clear.) And if you recall, friday afternoon was the dead middle of Nemo and all its glorious snow-covered icy roads.  If you can see where this is going...
I couldn't get up the street in my front-wheel-drive Honda accord.

Cue ugly cry #1.

And then I backed down and tried to get more speed just to get stuck 1/4 up the hill, again.

Cue ugly cry #2.

Oh did I mention that day was the day I accidentally left my cell at home, and so could not get in touch with E, who has a tow hitch and a 4WD pathfinder less than a 1/4 mi away..
And then I drove down to the local grocer's and tried to make the puffy-red ugly-cry eyes go away to go inside and ask to use their phone.. I think I would have scared the shit out of them, appearance aside.. "what do you MEAN you need to use a phone, you don't HAVE one?!!"

So I drove back to The Hill and saw a snow plow just finishing a pass.. and tried again, and baaaaaarely made it up, but MAKE IT, I DID.
Cue HAPPY CRY and fist-pumps of victory.

E knew better than to ask any questions when faced with a blunt but teary, "I couldn't get up the hill" from beneath a cave of blankets..

Yesterday passed with no tears! Just a little pity for our friend who took us on his birthday trip to see a NJ Devils game and his homeboys, the Pittsburgh Penguins, got beat.. hard.

And then this morning. 
Just a regular day, with plans to meet MIL and SIL for lunch and shopping.  And to make some maternity clothes returns.. just a reeegular day.

And then I tried to leave, via my UPHILL driveway... (You see where I'm going with this?)
Needless to say, it was a very ugly cry..
And then I walked back in the house to find my oldest doggie had gotten red sauce out of the garbage, and had spilt it all over the living room carpet, red grease stains and all..

After THAT ugly cry and ensuing cleanup, we were settled quietly on the couch with tea cup, two cuddly dogs and Friends.  You would have thought I'd have learned my lesson a year ago- no lap company while holding dark liquids..

A rogue creak of the house, oldest dog leaps up, tea everywhere, aaaaand

I'm sick of the hormones. And the tears.
And my oldest dog. Anyone interested in an almost-7 jack Russell?!  (I'm kidding.. I think..)


  1. Sounds like a rough weekend! It's no fun crying over ANYTHING let alone something that makes you feel so helpless.

  2. Ooof! What a rough few days. HUGS!