Monday, February 25, 2013

And noooow - the time has coooome...

(You know that song right? anyone? Bueller??)

Anyways - we've started some nursery/baby work!

My family has an heirloom cradle that held my two siblings and me, and my two nieces (and probably more family members that I'm not aware of...)

But it's solid wood, and once a few nuts/bolts were tightened (they becamse loose during a cross-country drive last spring!) it stands very securely...

E spent a few hours on it last week refinishing it as well, and it looks just awesome (pictures are with some Android camera phone filter - the cradle is really a much darker wood...)

We also have our first purchased item for the nursery:

We had been perusing the local thrift store last weekend and E spotted this little miniature swing and his eyes shot to mine.  And I knew the words would come next: "Can we get this for the baby's room?!"

It was so cute, and of course I said yes - for $10, who could resist??

So, it's begun... the nursery decorating. =)

And while we tentatively settled on at least a Plan, over the weekend - I'm still clueless as to bedding and colors and fabrics.  So it's a very bare plan. 

It needs some work... lol


  1. I LOVE that crib! I can't wait to see more of what you do for the nursery :) :)

  2. I had no plan either until I saw the perfect bedding online. In fact, I was opposed to bedding at first until I found the cutest pattern. The crib is awesome and I love the swing that y'all thrifted!

  3. OMG. Love love love that swing and the cradle is so adorable.

  4. Your nursery is going to be adorable!