Friday, January 4, 2013

Da Dum... Du Dum...

**That would be the Funeral March - NOT here comes the bride...

As tonight, we are going to see fBFF and baby... E crammed his visit in the day she had the baby (and consequently the day before we flew out of town for 2 weeks) so it'll be my first visit...

I haven't seen her since her baby shower, and am just over-all dreading tonight...

I don't want her to know about me being pregnant - because I can just envision it now:

"SQUEEEE NOW we can be friends again!"

(Cuz you know, that was the whole reason we stopped being friends - she was pregnant and I was not.  *please tell me you could read the heavy sarcasm that was globbing and dripping between the lines...*)

I don't want her to be the smug "Oh just wait until [xyz] happens, it's the best/funniest/most amazing thing ever!" lady who's all, ha - been there and DONE THAT!

But, I'm pulling on my BigGirlPanties - and once again being the "bigger person."

And speaking of BigGirl things, maybe she'll offer her maternity clothes and I'll get the chance to say, "oh hunnie - your clothes would be WAY TOO BIG on me, even at 9 months!" (**remember the Elbow Dimples?!) 
"Thanks though, bless your heart!"


  1. LOL about the "too big" maternity clothes. good luck tonight!

  2. Please, please, please say that if she offers her maternity clothes! That would bee too funny. I do hope the visit goes well with no drama. I have one of those former BFFs but I doubt I'll ever see her again.

  3. I second that you should say that about maternity clothes... let us know how it went!