Monday, August 27, 2012

oh Spontaneity...

So - did you know that when you miscarry and need a D&C, it's called a "spontaneous abortion?"

Basically, it's like when I spontaneously decide to drop a few hundred at Anthropologie because their clothes are so irresistible, my body spontaneously decided to abort.  Go me.

And when an irresponsible teenager goes to a clinic and decides to get rid of an unwanted baby, that's an "elective abortion." 

So the only difference is premeditation?  Isn't that like the difference between manslaughter and homicide? 

Philsophical waxing, OVER and OUT.

This past weekend at the beach couldn't have gotten any better - my SIL said to me, OMG I just saw (your) BFF  - when is she due?  And I said, Christmas Day - and SIL goes, OMG SHE'S EFFING HUGE already!!
(I smiled a little inside.  Cuz who doesn't love the fact she's so big she has ELBOW DIMPLES...)
Oh, YES I DID. (don't worry, the shutter-sound was off. lol)

And then, (NO AND THEN!) at my in-laws last night for dinner and swimming, my awesome lovely MIL said the same thing about BFF being HUGE already...  SCHA-WING!

ANDPLUSALSO.  I got to wear my new straw hat to the beach on Friday - so I was all posh and people thought I was famous.  Not really.  But it was fun to pretend.


  1. I'm so sorry they call it that and you have ever had to go through it *hugs*

    You are cracking me up about your BFF! I love how you snuck a picture. Freakin hilarious. WINNING! Haha

    Adorable hat :)

    1. everyone's reaction to the elbow dimple pic is the same - first shock, and then a slow chuckle starts... =P
      got the hat in nyc - $10!

  2. I had a "missed abortion" not sure if they labeled it spontaneous. But doesn't that sound worse. Like you were pg but you just FELT LIKE getting an abortion spontaneously? They NEED to change the wording of the medical terminology.

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