Thursday, August 23, 2012

F*$#ing First World Problems

(blog warning - I've switched formats - photos and daily life are now on a separate, public blog, and once the it's updated and formatted, I'll share if you really want - comment and I'll send it to you... Otherwise, it's all gonna be random spewing, true blogging.)


Setup: You're driving your 2010 Honda Accord Coupe, which you own after paying off 3 months ago, back from a pizza lunch that your husband bought his coworkers as a thank you for all their recent hardwork on a project.

1. You take the wrong FUCKING turn off the highway, even though you've done this route a MILLION TIMES.

2. While furiously driving up the wrong ramp, your hot apple cider (yes HOT apple cider, in August.  don't ask or judge.) goes flying because it's in one of those triangle-shaped mugs with the large-ass-base that are cool, but are SO LACKING functionality when it comes to car cupholders.

3. While you're trying to frantically find a napkin, or WATER to at least pre-soak what you know will be a stained cream-microsuede interior, you get HORRIBLY cut off by some woman who's probably driving around spending her wellfare/childsupport/foodstamps in places its not intended for (yes, I work in THAT part of town) in a jeep that's at least 20 years old and about to engulf my car in its plume of nasty-ass bus-rivaling exhaust.

4. When you get to work and try to temporarily park in front of the building for wet papertowels and an emergency upholstery cleaning session, you find your entire front curb is completely blocked by people too lazy to walk from the parking lot.  20 feet away.


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  1. BOOOO! What a sharty way to come home from lunch. I hope you get the stain out! I'm sure there's a pinterest shortcut to cleaning out your car... Here's hoping anyways!