Monday, September 21, 2015

Friday Flush-Out turned Monday Mash-Up

Ok so this started as a Friday Flush-Out and then Friday got MAD CRAZY at work (lunch cut short after 10 minutes for training, training got cut short for an interview with possible maternity-leave-coverage-person, and then frantic-ness ensued as our main bank f*cked up transferring funds to our payroll bank... resulting in employees not being able to cash pay checks... MAD CRAZY!)

And then, I thought I'd be able to post a Saturday morning brain-slosh before we headed down the shore with Button and FIL (for E and FIL to do some repair-work in the backyard) and then all of a sudden we were already there (after a painful carride of Button repeating phrases over and over and over and over an ov- sorry...) and on the beach, and I thought I'd be able to post Sunday night when we got home...

And then it was Sunday night, and we had spent an unexpected hour or two at IL's house where DH wanted to take advantage of babysitters (his sisters) and nap after we dropped off FIL, and then finally settled in at home after Button's bedtime to watch Fear the Walking Dead (good episode, not much action, as they were building plot lines - can't wait for next week's!)

So, here it is - a Monday Morning Mess:

Item: For some reason, I bookmarked the f.acebook page of the tramp homewrecker girl that ex-BIL is with now (did I mention they're having a baby together?! SIL had heard a few weeks back...) It's a private page, so it's just profile pic, friends list, some public posts (not many) so I don't know why I bookmarked it - but last Friday, all of a sudden I opened it and her profile pic is one of her and ex-BIL, in Venice, Italy... It almost feels like the time he was in our lives was a dream, the surreal part, that he is/was a character that doesn't exist any more...

Item: Last week, I found the perfect solution to a FirstWorldProblem - you know when there's that awkward level of cereal left in box, where it's too big for the bowl you want, but then you're leaving a piddly pitiful amount for the next bowl? And it's either - you eat a bigger bowl of cereal then you intended, or you leave the sad excuse of cereal left and plan to later mix it with something else maybe? 
Well it makes the perfect Button-size bowls of cereal! (DH started Button on bowls of cereal - his favorite late-night snack before bed - as soon as Button started drinking cows' milk... lol)

Item: You guys remember some sad accountability list I'd created, like, years ago? And then tried to revisit it a few months later and was all, gonna accomplish things! (mostly something about dental work needing to be done?)
 Well... I finally got into my dentist (a midst dental insurance changes - my old guy doesn't take our new dental HMO! BOOO!) who took a look at the back molar that was a probable root canal 18 months ago, and promptly advised me - given the private pay stance I would be having with his practice - to pull the tooth! I was like, WHAAA?!
And then I asked him - "ok, if you had all the insurance money to play with (if he was in-network) what would you[he] advise?" and he said he'd want to perform "heroic dentistry" and save the tooth: tooth exploration/cleaning, gum surgery (because the gums started to grow in where a piece of the tooth had chipped out), post, crown, etc.
So... at 30 years old, I'd rather not have a molar pulled - not even a wisdom tooth, just a regular molar...
And the GoodNews/BadNews part of it all is that E has already found/been to a great root-canal-specialist who participates with our dental HMO.
But needs a referral.
From a dentist in-network, so now I have an appointment tomorrow at lunch which will most likely go as follows:
     K: Hi dentist, here's pictures and x-rays from last week that my dentist took, you can't take any more because I'm pregnant - here's the tooth.
     dentist: Yup - root canal's needed, I'm gonna refer you to - 
     K: can you use Dr. Chompers? my husband has already used him for root canals...
     dentist: Sure - here's your referral.
     K: ok thanks, bye.
The big thing I'm somewhat-worried about is timing... 2nd tri ends like, any day now and I want to get as much of this done as possible, as soon as possible...

Item: While on the beach this weekend, I realized that next summer will be the Summer of Tattoos! I have three lined up and (kind of) ready - I have script on my foot that was too small to begin with, and has become totally illegible... So for #1, I want to get the script, "La vie est belle," done on my other foot, but much bigger... and then (#2) get the original tattoo covered up with something feathery (my tat-guy says the very best cover-ups are roses (nope), fish scales (nope) or feathers...) and then #3 - a BabyGirl tattoo (because Button's already got a great one!) - I'm thinking a little thumb-print heart with her birth date, etc on my right rib/bra line... (and considering her thumbprint will be teeny, and we know small tattoos become blurry, like my foot script - maybe it'll be a combo of my print + hers.. or something... I'll let my guy design something cool... lol)
 (like this, with script next to it...)

Item: I've been really enjoying the wiggles and pops and shifts and kicks from Baby Girl (still unnamed - ACK!) especially this morning, as I sit at my desk trying to fix the horrible money/wiretransfer/paycheck issue from Friday (our main bank CANCELLED THE WIRE without telling us!!!!)
And I'm trying to enjoy them and not get annoyed at her tenth bout of hiccups that day, because people ask, "You're going to have a boy and a girl! A perfect little family! Do you think you'll have anymore??" (First - a "perfect little family" is only when there's a child of each sex??"  Second - what's their obsession with the next kid(s) when you haven't even finished gestating the current one?!)
But thing is - I don't know the answer to their question about more kids... we laugh and say, "if she's as good as Button, we're open to a third! And if she's a little hellion, we'll be done!"  But really, you never know what might happen - for whatever reason, this could be my last pregnancy...

Because I don't want it over and then a year from now, we decide, yes we are done with these two - and I look back and think, "Why didn't I appreciate and enjoy it at the time?! I wish I'd know it was going to be the last time!!!"

So I'm trying to relish and enjoy it and think, "this could be the last time you feel this..."

so sad! because, when Button's pregnancy was over, I missed the kicks - I even felt phantom ones (most likely/definitely gas traveling around lol) in the hospital and at home for days... and the farther I got from when I last felt them, I remember beginning to wonder - can I remember what it felt like?!

So there's my Monday mash-up...

(We had a great weekend:) E and his dad got a lot done in the backyard,  Button had SO much fun on the beach with his aunts/cousins

Mommy got a decent tan a little sun, and we wrapped up on Sunday with some arcade time before driving home

(the drive home was much better than the drive down - Button napped peacefully and I got to read on my Nook - surprisingly, since I usually get car-sick just from looking down at my phone for too long!)

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