Monday, September 14, 2015

Pictureless 25W check-in!

Pictureless because life gets busy (slash I get lazy) and the last picture I have is from last Wednesday (which, actually -  now that I look - I have not posted yet.  In fact, the last bump photo was end of August at 22w2d!)

Ok, ok - so here is last Wednesday:

and I'm pretty sure this chick made some kind of big move/turn last night because - holy UNCOMFORTABLE... I felt like my stomach was up in my chest, and had that is that vomit or do I need to burp feeling while I tossed and shifted and changed positions on the couch every few seconds (while watching Fear the Walking Dead!)

Baby Girl must have completed her shift (whichever way it was) by this morning because I feel SO MUCH BETTER! (and am feeling like there are more kicks now on the left side, when I used to feel her on the right side... whatever that means for whichever way she's facing...)

Next appointment to check isn't until the first week of October - I've got my 1hour GTT scheduled at the same time, and we'll be scheduling the date for the RCS! (of course, if she's anything like her big brother, she'll come whenever she damn well pleases, even if it's days before a scheduled RCS!)
  • She's enjoying her new sense of equilibrium — she now knows which way is up and which is down.
  • She's growing more fat and more hair too!
  • Constipation. Be sure to eat plenty of fiber-rich foods!
  • Hemorrhoids -- baby is putting a ton of pressure on your digestive tract. And the constipation certainly isn't helping. (thanking the lord - never had these while pregnant with Button, and so far so good with this pregnancy!)
  • Gas and bloating. Your hormones are slowing down digestion, creating excess gas. YUP. oooooh boy, YES.
  • Heartburn. Since baby is pushing on your digestive system it can push stomach acid up your esophagus. no heartburn yet, just a teensy reflux-feeling when drinking after a meal...
  • All-over aches and pains, thanks to hormone fluctuations.
  • Trouble sleeping. It's tough to get comfy with that big belly in the way!

Best Moments This Week:It's always fun to watch family members (who want to) feel baby girl kick... (1 friend and 1 sister got to feel this week!)
Total Weight Gain: let's go with 15-16. lol I'm kind of only stepping on the scale to make sure there's not a crazy gain within a short amount of time (signs for something dangerous like pre-eclampsia)

Maternity Clothes: totally in - and I can't help but buy more whenever I'm at Burlington Coat Factory, even with allllllll the fall/winter stuff I have to pull out of bins (both from Button's pregnancy and hand-me-downs!)

Symptoms: lots of kicks (and mood swings)

Sleep: no change here - each night now I'm waking up at least once per night. not necessarily to pee, but just - waking up... thankfully I get back to sleep relatively quickly (after a few pillow adjustments)
Food Cravings: nothing really crazy - it can change hour to hour...

Anything making you queasy or sick:  No

Movement: Lots still!

Stretch Marks: Still just ones I had on my hips from highschool...

Gender: Baby Girl!!

Labour Signs: none yet.

Belly Button In or Out?: In (never turned out last time either - though I finally took out my belly-button ring this time...)

Wedding Rings on or off?: On

Happy or Moody?: yup, still moody... some days I can't stand the sight of E any more (like on Sunday when he tried to claim that I "wouldn't let him go fishing" with his dad because he "had to come to church instead" (I am so proud of the fact that I have never ever, not even once as a wife told E he couldn't do anything he wanted to...)
He bitched when I reminded him I wanted him to come to church Sunday morning, and then claimed he cancelled fishing because of it (despite the fact his father had 4 teeth pulled Saturday - in no condition to fish - and the forecast predicted rain all day...)  and then after all that, still didn't come with Button and I.  So.  I was "SO DONE" with him that day.

I'm fine now.

Purchases for baby: None this past week...

Purchases for Momma: Bought a few cheap tops from Burlington on Saturday (I had to return a wallet for E so I had store credit anyways!)

Miss Anything?: nothing really, I could still use a nice relaxing drink on a Friday evening after a long work week...

Looking forward to:getting a RCS date so we can finalize travel plans for my parents to come up at Christmas time!  (Also looking forward to tonight being the last night for the awesome yeast infection cream/treatment... YAY!)


  1. Ok so you "having enough" of your husband - omg. I would have flipped my shit on my husband lol (but I am a very impatient and moody person, with or without pregnancy hormones). Good luck with the GTT. I remember taking mine with Jordan and thinking that the sugar drink wasn't so bad - I know it makes some people sick but all I wanted was more sugar!!! Your hair looks cute btw, very "I dont care but I'm still pretty."

    1. =P thanks - the hair was in its "don't-knot-overnight" braid... lol