Wednesday, September 9, 2015

a First Time for Everything....

...and that Everything includes a first ever yeast-infection (YUGH I dislike that phrase as much as I dislike the word discharge (lots during pregnancy. fun stuff...)

so I guess I could look at the bright side that this is my first ever (in my memory) as opposed to focusing on the yuckiness of the overnight lotion/cream/whatever that gets shoved up your hoo-ha... (started the OTC generic cream last night...) and the doc's nurse finally returned my call today, confirming the culture (TAKEN A WEEK AGO!) was yes, positive for Y.I.  And the doctor is going to review it (I guess the type of yeast?!) and may want to prescribe a cream, should she call it in to Pharmacy XYZ? But "don't worry, I [nurse] will call you back if that's the case!"

Okie dokie...

(Thankfully symptoms are very mild, and are sometimes nearly non-existent... and a funny story - I somehow accidentally "loaded" the wrong end of the plunger/doo-hickey with the cream last night, and it got all over. lmao - good thing E was out at a hockey game...)

Also, during this Wednesday's Reading Challenge update, you'll notice I *GASP* gave up on a book part-way through for the first time... (ok not for the first time ever, but for the first time in this challenge...)

And can I just say - I only have TWO categories/books left to read until this challenge is DONE!

Which makes the all-time total (challenge and non challenge books) 66 books read!
(Also - for the question, "Where the hell do you find time to read?!"
Mostly at work - lunch time, and when I've spent too long staring at an excel file and need a break
and at home after Button goes to bed - on the couch til I'm falling asleep, and then some more once I wake up and move to bed... 

And here we go with where we last left off:

#59. Remember When #3 by T. Torrest   N/A Category    (fin 8/20/15)
I had last read Remember When #2, and had to just chug on through to the third (spoiler alert) where they finally have their happy ending! The trilogy, overall, is a very light read, but with some great (and frequent) ((and realistic!)) sex scenes - a must for summer-reading!

#60. The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood    #42/50 : A book you own but have never read   (fin 8/21/15)
Given the fact that I have downsized my paperback library, in fact downsized mostly to favorite books that I'd read again and again (ahem Twilight!) I reached into e-books that I'd downloaded over the past few years that I hadn't read yet... enter Atwood's novel! A very interesting book, in sometime-future, where women are treated as, basically, surrogates or vessels - but they are assigned to couples, to try to get pregnant from the husband, and once they fulfill their need (carry a child) they are moved to another home/couple for another child to be conceived... definitely very interesting, as the main character (The Handmaid!) flashes back to her Life Before, with a family and child of her own... I made notes as I read, because I really liked how the author frequently used word-play in the prose:
" and had nothing to do with the man you loved, at least in daylight. With
that man you wanted it to work, to work out. Working out was also
something you did to keep your body in shape, for the man. If you worked
out enough, maybe the man would too. Maybe you would be able to work it
out together, as if the two of you were a puzzle that could be solved; otherwise, one of you, most likely the man, would go wandering off on a trajectory of his own, taking his addictive body with him and leaving you with bad withdrawal, which you could
counteract by exercise. If you didn’t work it out it was because one of
you had the wrong attitude. Everything that went on in your life was
thought to be due to some positive or negative power emanating from
inside your head."

(A really unique ending, too!)

#61. Ghostly Liaison by Stacy McKitrick    N/A Category   (fin 8/24/15)
(A book I downloaded on my phone while bored at lunch...) The main character sees ghosts... mix in some good romance and a murder mystery to be solved (Mr. Dreamy's sister, what they thought was a suicide!) pretty decent for a free B&N book!

#62. Doubt: A Parable by  John Patrick Shanley   #47/50 : A play    (fin 8/26/15)
I had seen this movie first (and still only recently, in the last year, considering it came out in 2008) This play is exactly what was in the movie, no more and no less - and it was different, reading a play - but one that I could very easily envision the setting and emotions, thanks to the movie... a highly recommended movie and play!

#63. Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett     #21/50 : A book your mom loves    (fin 9/3/15)
This category was somewhat tough, I'm usually the one recommending books to my mom! There weren't many that she had read that I haven't yet... so she dug deep (and into recommendations passed on from her dad...) This is an epic novel, at over 800 pages (you can tell, there's a week between when I finished the last book and when I finished this one!) and it spanned the decades (and numerous characters) centered around building a grand cathedral in Kingsbridge (England) - but I love Ken Follett (first read his Night Over Water years ago...) and this was very well written - never dragged or felt tedious in reading. In fact, kept me from chapter to chapter, frequently saying, "just one more!"  There is a mini-series made in the last few years that I want to watch now (first few episodes I know are on youtube!) as well as a "sequel" (said to be able to stand-alone as a novel) that is set two centuries later, still in Kingsbridge, that will be added to my "Must Read" list!

#64.  Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure by John Cleland    #48/50 : A banned book    (GAVE UP 9/4/15)
This novel was the last novel ever banned in the U.S. It's basically soft-core smut, written at the turn of the century (so tedious!) and around page 70 of 127 (of the same stuff, different players, looooooong-ass prose) I gave up... there was no story line... but all the same, I'm considering it read, category fulfilled...

#65. Escape(#1): A New Life by David Antocci    N/A Category     (fin 9/4/15)
Another quick read I downloaded on my phone during lunches... a woman wakes up on a tropical island, with no memory how she got there - but she gets caught up in a fight for her life! Actually, a pretty unique story twist... (no spoilers here!) it was free on B&N, go check it out!

#66. Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson     #50/50 : A book you started but never finished   (fin 9/8/15)
Ok so they don't limit the reasons why you never finished the book the first go-round... This one, I downloaded a bad version a few years ago and couldn't read past the first 10 pages or so.  So I recently found a good copy to download, and started to read again... YAY so glad I did! The novel follows a disgraced Swedish journalist and a socially-rejected young woman as they investigate a decades old murder... I loved this book, and cannot wait to find the movie showing on TV to be DVR'd! (Also, it's a(nother) trilogy and I've refrained from my usual jumping straight into the second book, Girl Who Played with Fire, especially because it was such a cliff-hanger/unsatisfactory ending to the first book - each series I've read straight through, I've lost where each book ended/began... so we'll try for a little separation with this series!

And that's where I'm at!

Currently reading When Mockingbirds Sing (A lunchtime download that fulfills no category) and the synopsis has me intrigued... now that I'm only reading that one book (ha!) hopefully I can dedicate my attention to it and do it justice in reading!

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