Monday, September 28, 2015

Kicking off 27weeks with a ... Splash?!

We had one of the busiest weekends I can remember for awhile...

Friday I got stuck at work until 6pm (why is it always Fridays that are the craziest day of the week for me at work?!) and ended up running like a mad-woman once home to get a dinner cooked because a friend was coming over to view engagement pictures I shot a few weeks a loooong time ago, earlier this summer...

She ended up staying until a little after nine (note to self: just because you, as an "artist," think a style or font/color for a SaveTheDate looks horrible, remember: The Customer has her own taste, and it's always right! lol YUCK!)

When we came upstairs (from our basement office) Button was still awake and crying in his room (he's usually asleep by 8:20 or so!) And E shared his night: that doggie #1 had gotten on the table (during a potty trip with Button) and eaten the rest of dinner (homemade chicken fingers) and then proceeded to vomit it all over the living room carpet (all while E kept trying to get Button down for the night...)

A little mommy-magic, and Button was asleep...

Saturday morning we decided to visit a local petting zoo/market/Greenhouse and Button got so excited to see the animals!

They had goats, a baby cow, lambs - all to hand-feed! - pony rides, bunnies!! (Bunnies seem to be magical for Button - he just loves them!)

Before we left, we visited their market (freshly grown produce and meats!) for some snacks (yogurt raisins) and lunch (chicken pot pies and fresh quiche!) as well as a cute Halloween lawn ornament (Button picked out a giant bat).  And as we were checking out, a woman walked past us, looked back at me and smiled and said, "It's a girl!" and then turned back around and walked off...

I was like, "uh - wha - um... huh?!"

After Button's nap, we drove an hour south to our friends' house for an End-of-Summer Tiki BBQ (great idea, fun decorations - but we were all in long sleeves and pants! brrrr!)
(clockwise - having fun with his cousin, me having fun with new baby cousin and baby cousin's mommy, the boys enjoying a bonfire (not visible due to flash), and me practicing the whole 2nd child thing - I've got this!)

((Also at this BBQ was Mr and Mrs Potato Head, our good friends - who, during the Ex-BIL drama beginning, had shared with me she was afraid she'd be the reason they couldn't get pregnant, due to a long history of issues.  The updates were that, as of August, they would be doing IUI because Mr. PH had tested on the lower side for a SA (motility? count? not sure the specifics).  And then as of Labor Day, it was actually going to be IVF, on advice of their RE/Dr (not sure if they're officially at an RE, I would assume so...) but as of this past weekend - the latest was that on one of the first cycle ultrasounds, they found a polyp that needs removal and so surgery is set for late October, and after that it's - repeat the cycle start, another ultrasound, and hope there's no more polyps.  I can't even imagine the frustration at all the time spent waiting... I love the PotatoHeads and hope things this fall/winter ultimately end up with a healthy pregnancy!))

But anyways - I tell you that fresh air WORE BUTTON OUT, because this kid - who hasn't fallen asleep in the car for MONTHS no matter what time it is, was ZONKED OUT within the first 5 miles of the hour carride home... In fact, he never even opened his eyes through the arrival home, the journey into the house and up the stairs, and through an entire outfit and diaper change...

Sunday morning we woke up late (past 8:30!) and so I let church slide (we would have had to haul ass to get there on time...) Instead - we spent the morning at a nearby lake/preserve on their lakeside trails.  Button loved it ("I see WATEH!" and "no that tree no bite you...") and again the fresh air helped (or he just digs his routines!) because naptime was (is!) such a breeze...

After nap, we headed out to Palisades Mall in New York (a little bit of a drive at 45 minutes) but - but but - it has THIS:

And it has a ferris wheel! and a carousel! (Button rode it twice!!)

And a Dave'N'Busters:

At this point, I was aching (yay RLP) from walking/standing all weekend long... We made it home in time for dinner and a bath (grandma gave it while I helped SIL (still in highschool) with her math homework).

MIL and SILs headed home, we got Button to bed, and we caught Fear the Walking Dead (only one episode left!!!)

Sunday night as usual, all the way up to the 10pm bedtime and reading myself to sleep...

Except, about 10-15 minutes after falling asleep, I woke up totally uncomfortable, thought it was just Baby Girl on my stomach or intestines... minute by minute it got worse, E was up (playing SimCity on his phone lol) and was all, "ummm are you ok? should you be by the toilet?!")

By the toilet I went, because then I felt something like gas pains and thought a good fart (ha -- the glories of pregnancy) would help... but then!



And I crawled back from the toilet bowl, on all fours, seized by a stomach cramp, thinking, wait is that a stomach cramp? or a LABOR CRAMP?! OMG DO I NEED TO GO TO L&D?!

 (I also thought, god-DAMMIT if this is like full on labor/full contraction/whatever, this SUCKS SO BAD!!!)


(as E is standing with me in the bathroom, providing a wet cool cloth alternating with a bottle of water) I was all, "um - I think I have to go to the bathroom..."

so out he went, and OUT IT CAME...

and now I'm trying to think about Button, and if I call the doctor they'll most likely advise me to go to L&D and who would we get to come stay at the house while he slept, and E has work the next morning so unless I really think something's wrong, calling and going in would be a big fat night of no sleep and nothing wrong...

I tried to lay down once more, and got wracked with more intestinal - "activity" let's say... and after that?

Everything totally quieted down... I read for a bit waiting to see if it was really gone, and then finally went to bed...

and I have been fine ever since....

food poising?! Baby Girl playing BounceHouse on my stomach and intestines?!

I'm trying to drink more water than usual to rehydrate, and I lost two pounds (which means I got a day of pigging out!!)  but other than that, no worse for the wear...

but holy - "I'm not ready for her yet!" wake up call!

I'm now hammering out finite return-to-work schedules and day-care start-dates for Baby Girl... Shit's getting real!

(oh yea! the 27weeks part! A separate post...)
for now, a cute comparison of last year's (early Spring 2014) Neighborhood Watch and this year's New and Improved Fall 2015 version:

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