Tuesday, September 8, 2015

a Tale of Two Weekends...

Since I never shared how fun our play dates were two weeks ago, you're getting a TWO-FER!

Last weekend, E was supposed to go on his annual canoe trip (long story short, another guy cancelled which left them with an odd-man out, and E jumped at the chance to back out of a trip he hadn't really wanted to go on to begin with...)
(He still decided to disappear on Sunday to go fishing with his dad...)

But, so - Saturday morning I took Button to some stores (still trying to find the right one to return some duplicate birthday gifts from July) so we got to see BuyBuyBaby (where I just had to get BabyGirl the cutest two little tutu's from the clearance rack...)
(I've already mentally paired the first with B&W striped leggings this spring... ZOMG)

We then hit up Target (where Momma treated herself to some $3 bootcuffs... yes I could have made them, but the yarn would have cost just as much.  And these are hassle-free, pre-made and perfect. lol)

After Button's nap (and after E was done with all his Saturday morning yardwork) we hit up a local school's playground (holy HOT it was so warm...)

and then shortly called it quits to go cool off and grab some ice cream...

The next day (while E was off fishing with his Dad) we had a planned breakfast with our friend O at a nearby diner, where Button popped a container of syrup all over himself and my shoes, made friends with the waiter who later brought him a free gigantic cookie, and dumped his entire kiddie cup (one with a lid!) of apple juice all over himself...

After a recuperating nap (both for Button and mommy!) we trucked over to my bestie Dee's house to play with her 13-month-old and his fun toys!

We stayed there til nearly dinner time (as Daddy kept texting me he'd be back later and later...) so when we finally got home and settled, Button got stay up an extra 20 minutes to wait for Daddy to get home to see him for a bit before heading to bed... busy weekend!

And this past weekend, whoa nellie!!

Friday as I finished up at work, I got the strange desire to do something fun... and texted E with a "let's do something fun! Let's picnic tonight on the new back patio!"

(Thursday night we finally used an Olive Garden gift card - I'm pretty sure we got for our anniversary, in October last year - for a date night dinner... and took advantage of their great "Buy an Entree, Take an Entree" or something like that... for $13-$16 you got an entree to eat there  (with unlimited breadsticks and soup) as well as an entree to take home for another day!)

SO - Friday night, picnic we did!

The boys were stuffed from ziti!

Saturday morning, while E entertained Button, I cleaned (the kitchen - sinks and counters scrubbed! -  and living room)
As we were sitting on the front stoop, catching some fresh air, our across-the-street-neighbor invited us to come for a quick swim with her and her grandson (same age as Button!)
(While E had to stay at the house and wait for a Verizon technician (no internet, booooo) Button and I jumped at the chance to cool off a bit!)
After the pool, the boys took turns hitching rides:

When we got back to our house, the Verizon guy still had not shown up  (and his 8a-12p window had expired!  UGH)
So Button ate lunch, and went down for a nap.
When he woke up, we had gotten an update that the Verizon guy would be there around 4:30 which freed us up for about 2 hours, so we decided to go check out a local "pond"/pool that our neighbor had told us was "so great!" (not so great. it's a big marshy pond not fit for swimming)
BUT we had a great time on our little "nature walk" around the pond, and it chewed up the perfect amount of time until the Verizon guy was due!
(While the Verizon guy was working on the router, Button and I kept occupied by a few games of hide'n'seek...)

With internet back up and running, we headed out around 5pm for a local fire department's carnival fundraiser! (No pictures, boooo....)
But we enjoyed good food-truck dinner (pulled pork sandwiches! chicken empanadas! ice cream, of course!) as well as a gi-nooormous bounce house and a super slide (on Daddy's lap) - unfortunately, Button was still too little for the motorcycle ride they had set up...
kind of like this, but on a track...

And then E told me on the carride home later that he had eventually told Button the "real reason" he couldn't ride the motorcycles (the "Fake" reasons being, you know - "line's too long!" or "the big slide is SO MUCH MORE FUN!") and poor Button actually kind of snapped his eyes up to E's face in a really? I'm too little? sad face of understanding... #bigboysoonenough!
(Also - on our way to the fundraiser, we passed the coolest chair out on the curb! (really nice rich neighborhood) so a full once-over with Resolve and a rag, we totally snagged this for FREE!) From Target, we found out - though I was convinced it was originally a PotteryBarnKids - so nice, dark blue corduroy!
Button showing off his new chair Sunday morning...

Sunday morning I, again, got to cleaning (our bedroom - HOLY DUST! - and the master bath - YUCKY sinks!) and laundry (I have the most energy first thing after breakfast, so thank you to E for keeping little man occupied and happy - such a hardship, sitting and watching cartoons with him while I clean... lol)
After Button's nap, we headed back to the neighbor's pool - they were out for the day at BBQs and had offered its use!
Once the shade overtook the pool and backyard, we headed back home (a long 20 second walk... lol) and once showered, decided to go to our favorite sushi/hibachi joint for an early dinner.  (Button loves edamame. and green tea ice cream...)
After dinner, we walked next door and did some food shopping for a last-minute BBQ we had thrown together for Monday with our friends.  (Always food shop AFTER dinner - never before.  You buy everything from  healthy fruits to junky muffins and cookies...)

Monday morning, while E mowed the lawn and string-trimmed, I planned on taking Button to Burlington Coat Factory (to return a wallet from E's birthday in July).  First, of course - we spent some of the morning in our undies playing on our new chair...

Of course, there was a KMart in the same parking lot as Burlington (in fact, "earlier" in the lot) so we went there first - with the intentions of getting undies (for Button and Mommy lol) and checking out their stock of yard furniture - hoping for good end-of-summer and LaborDay sales!

Well - we got mommy undies and Button some socks, and then headed back to the Garden area where I found these great chairs for $90!
 (it was for only the chairs, so now we'll be on a hunt for a matching high-top table!)
((We already have a really nice 5-person round set that looks gorgeous on our new patio... once the fence is installed - next few days! - and the grass seeded, I'll take some finished pictures!))

So with the assistance of a very helpful sales guy, we got this ginormous box loaded into my trunk (go Kia Sorrento!) and got the trunk, which wouldn't close by just a few inches, tied down.

And I decided I wasn't going to stop at Burlington with a car that couldn't be locked, and so the return of the wallet will have to wait even longer...

But the patio chairs!

Perfect for our BBQ later that day!
(Button's naptime was perfect for E and I to run around and finish setting things up -  pool and water table for the two boys, food tables, new chairs, etc)
I blog-failed and didn't get any pictures until dessert time, and even then only got shots of Button eating his elmo cupcake (HOLY ICING... and thanks for bringing them for the boys, Dee!)

And of course, the "TAKE OUR PICTURE BABE!" big boys...
(no. they're not really peeing off of our new wall... just comparing.. LOL!)

Thankfully our friends are all pretty awesome (especially the last couple here last night!) and they helped us clean up and get the food inside (and took some leftover food as well!)

This momma was still pretty zonked after the long day long weekend, and was beyond ready to put her feet up and celebrate having passed Viability Day on Sunday at 24weeks! 
(Also - it's fun celebrating V-Day with a bona fide Y.I. - albeit still unconfirmed via culture as the Doc never called me on Friday like they were supposed to with results, and of course the work day flew by and next thing I knew it was past 5 and they were closed.  For a long holiday weekend...
With very weak and sometimes non-existant symptoms, I managed throughout the weekend - but you can bet I'm on the phone with them as soon as I can get away from my desk today, and will be picking up some OTC treatment on the way home from work!)

How was your Labor Day 2015??

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