Friday, August 14, 2015

( EX ) BIL update - because...

Well I completely forgot I'd "told" you guys about the saga/drama with BIL asking for a divorce, but I did tell you - and there's an update due, which is important to share because then I have to "tell you" about the really weird dream I had with him in it the other night...

But first thing's first, the update:
I think the last word was that he had asked for a divorce, had just moved out of their apartment, and had SIL thinking she caused it - that she hadn't responded well enough when he said "I'm not happy" (I'm not sure he ever actually said that to her) and that she just wasn't able to provide the level of support and love and affection he apparently needed.

Well - that's all complete and utter bullshit.  How do I know, you ask?

Because a week after he walked out, lo and behold (through a friend of a friend of a cousin) it was discovered that he'd been seeing another woman.

Had been seeing her for at least a few weeks before he ever walked out...

And had moved in with her nearly immediately, had already been on an Italian vacation with her (days after leaving SIL), etc.

The douche-baggery just kept coming - SIL won't go after alimony (she'd be entitled to about $1,700/month for 2 years) because she doesn't want to "drag everything [personal life and details] through the courts" so he got off lucky on that count.  But the car he'd purchased while they were married was paid for ($8,000 deposit) from their joint account, and so - something like - he owed her $4,000 for the vehicle in the division of assets.

He (apparently) bitched about the cost of switching the title to just his name ("I had to spend like, $4K to [do that] and now I gotta pay you [SIL] $4K - it's not really fair, I don't have the family you do to support me!")


Whose fucking fault is that?!??!?!?
(***That he voluntarily walked away from a "built-in" family, not that he had no living family relatives...)

anyways - so, level 9 douche bag.  Has been spotted out and about with new girl, traveling with her, hearts out their asses, etc.

And then I had a dream with him in it earlier this week - I mean, a dream with him in it - we were "together" somehow, and had sex in the dream...
(a little backstory - he's a decently attractive guy, but his personality - or what we thought we knew of his personality - made him more attractive, overall - so I guess it's not crazy that it was him in the dream, but - he was is such an asshole!!!!!)

From what I remember, it was pretty good sex too (it's been a few days...)



  1. Blame it on the 2nd tri. Otherwise that douche doesn't deserve to be a blip in your mind! Yuck!

  2. Yup it is the 2nd sexmester hornymoans.

    1. ha! I love that term! hornymoans!

  3. Ive been wondering about this! I agree with everyone else. pregnancy brings on weird dreams... and we all know this guy is a douche.