Friday, August 7, 2015

T-minus 1.... ZERO!!!!

Thursday (T-minus 1...)
Yesterday I decided to somewhat "Treat" myself - and when I say that I mean I was supposed to go out to MIL's after work to pick up Button (E had a dentist appointment in a nearby town at 4:45) and then decided, E will probably be out of his appointment and by his mom's around the same time I would arrive after getting out of work and driving over there...
so I asked him if he'd mind grabbing Button while I went home and got some personal time in on the elliptical (and with some free weights).  Exciting, right?! =) (I did get to read my book while working out!)
Then E had a hockey game that he had to leave at 7:30 for, so it was Button and I for a video-chat session with Grandma and Grandpa (my parents) and they got to see him goof off and the lil' baby bump (apparently they recently video-chatted with SIL and she's huge already...) and then bathtime and bed.
So, the night before I turned 30 - I got to work out (and relished in it) and video chat with my parents!

Friday (THE BIG DAY!!!!!)

As of 7:30am this morning, I am now officially 30 (GAH! OMFG! NO MORE TWENTIES! EEEEEEK IT FEELS SO WEIRD SAYING THAT! (wait, how does this go? are all of those supposed to be hashtagged??))
(I think at 7:15 when our alarms started going off and E rolled over and said "Happy Birthday babe" I even said back to him, "I'm still 29 for another 15 minutes...")

He got up and made me a great breakfast - french toast, sausage, orange slices - and put a candle in the french toast.  Too bad (for once) Button had no interest in singing "Happy Birthday" and in fact "blew raspberries" at me (ok, I'll admit it - he spit - even he knows it's called spitting...) and then cried when I blew out my candle because he had wanted to help (but hadn't stopped spitting yet) - #assholeparent.

E is also working from home today (which means he better have the house cleaned up!) because his whole family is coming over tonight for dinner, cake & coffee (and presents!)

And tomorrow?

Our family celebration day - we'll go (the three - well, four of us) to South Street Seaport and cavort and have fun and eat dinner!

If only I didn't have pesky work today... (which was slightly unavoidable, with immediate supervisor being on vacation all next week and loose ends she and I needed to tie up before her vaca...)
((I also spent some birthday time this morning shopping for baby girl... Leggings... Lots of Leggings...))
(and notice the price? no, I did not spend $90 on leggings, I in fact spent $24.99... thanks to the spammy email offers of "5 FREE BABY LEGGINGS!" (which they were!) and then each additional pair was $2... and then S&H was $16. lol but still! $24.99 for NINE pairs of baby leggings..... SWOON!)

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  1. Those leggings are ADORABLE! I love that it's basically a birthday present you got yourself :)