Friday, August 21, 2015

String-Bean Button

We finally had Button's 2-year appointment last night (I love our ped office - late nights once a week for working parents! although I've never hesitated to take off work if Button needs to get to the doctor...)

It was fun to see them now that #2 is on the way, and before Button's appointment, they first entered info for their "new upcoming patient" and her EDD as well as that I'll be scheduling the RCS soon...

I had been excited to see what percentile Button was for length - you know, a more official measurement than his little giraffe/monkey growth chart on the wall of his room...

So we got him down to his skivvies and stood him, like a big boy, on a scale... off came the wet diaper (which weighed like, 4oz!) and Button's official 2-year weight was recorded as 29lbs6oz - almost dead center between 50th and 75th percentile, around the 62th percentile
(I'm trying to find all of Button's previous weights to log his growth, because the first few months he was barely on the chart - but alas, to get access to the patient portal you have to pay an annual like, $50 subscription (which is relatively cheap) but ours lapsed... )

And then we layed him on the exam table where the nurse marks his length with a pen and allows him to get up off the table and she then measures the marks she made at his head and feet... I registered the 36 and 3/4" length, curiously wondering exactly what that meant - tall for his age? short? average?

The nurse finished her stuff, and in came the doctor with her "fun" stethoscope and ear-scope, which he totally eyed up distrustfully, but was totally awesome sitting in Daddy's lap for his whole exam!
(INCLUDING the finger stick at the end, followed by SQUEEZING and SQUEEZING of his finger tip to get blood for hemoglobin and lead levels - all fantastic and/or "below normal" - which means, even if we did have lead paint in our house, Button's certainly not eating the paint chips!)
Ben holding his post-finger-stick gauze on like a trooper!

And as the doctor's confirming things like, he drinks enough milk, gets enough fruit & veggies (and so is pooping accordingly), sleeps 11 hours a night, sleeps in a toddler bed, doesn't use bottles or pacifiers anymore (HEAR THAT SIL?! how does your doc not tell you to stop?!) she throws out his weight percentile and then his height - I nearly choked (but not really) because, at 36.75" this boy is in the 97th percentile!!
       (this chart seems to register just under 95th %-tile... Meh - let's say between 95th and 97th...)

Like E pointed out, that means if there is 100 kids in the room his age, only THREE (to five lol) will be taller than Button!

Three stickers later (Elmo, dinosaur and truck - Elmo won for the coveted shirt spot!) and we headed out to pick up dinner at our local (and my favored) Noodles & Company, shaking our heads and laughing, muttering to ourselves, "97th percentile?!"

*all statistics according to the CDC Birth to 36 Months: Boys Growth Chart


  1. WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tall boys - swoon!!!!! Way to go Big Boy Button! Also loving Noodles & Company :)