Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Regular Programming: Makin' Mucho!

Monday Makin' here a day late (trying to keep up with the "regular" series... ha)

it's just gonna be a flood of pictures, projects, and maybe some approximate dates I did things...

Firstly - after seeing on message boards how someone had created their own living locket (kind of like this company's) but through separate vendors on Etsy, making it less than HALF the cost of that company's finished piece - I decided to do the same!

This picture kind of sucks, it more shows how the whole piece looks hanging together...

The individual components can be seen better here: (all prices incl S&H)
1. a Rose gold locket (with chain) ($9)
2. (a second option rose gold toggle chain) ($8)
3. CHARM: music clef with rhinestone ($0.65)    I've been playing piano for nearly 25 years
4. CHARM: "LOVE" ($1.50)     I just loved (ha, get it!?) this charm
5. CHARM: black camera with rhinestone ($1.50)     my hobby/second passion to piano
6. CHARM: swarovski birth stones (December + July) ($1.30total)     Button's birthstone, and Baby#2's birthstone (since she's a RCS, there's no chance she'll be January lol)
7. CHARMS: floating pearls-qty5 ($2.50)     The pearls were just pretty, filling out the rest of the locket
8. large rhinestone angel wing ($4)     For my angel baby...

So for a total of $34.67 (add'l $6 in misc S&H) I got a living locket necklace that would have cost
from that company:
Locket   =  $20
Toggle Chain  = $22
Reg. Chain   = $22
(3) charms at average $5/ea = $15 total
Swarovski Birthstones (2) = $10 total
(best comparable) angel wing dangle  = $8
TOTAL: $97 !!!!!

so yea, that was awesome...

I also have been enjoying my adult coloring book (no no noooooo not a XXX coloring book!!! *I don't think they make enough shades of "Flesh" crayons for that!!!)

This kind of adult coloring book:
Very therapeutic, yet really time consuming (I think it took a few weeks' of 5-minute sessions to finish this one!)

And a really awesome Monday Makin' production is:

We've had kale salad, kale chips (recipe here), and kale smoothies! (no smoothie recipes - I just wing it!) ((ok the "we" only applies to that first one, I've been the one making - and eating - kale chips and smoothies!))
We have 4-5 heads going in our garden right now - and for just a few small plants, we get at least 3-4 salads' worth each time I pick - weekly!

And here's a peek at the big project that's been on going for a number of months now (currently re-crocheting the hood as the first came out big enough for a bowling ball...)
The pieces before assembly... ... ... ... and the pieces being assembled!


  1. The locket! How pretty. I especially love that angel wing :)

  2. All this stuff makes me want to make things! I really like the "adult" coloring book LOL. I love that the word adult should mean mature or something but our minds go to the dirty stuff!